moroccan party set

moroccan inspiration - party set

If I could I'd be traveling all over the world. Seriously! I get so inspired by foreign architecture and customs. So here is my tiny attempt at using that inspiration and bringing it to our paper world.

Here is the latest: a Moroccan Party Set—I specially love the lantern. I went through a couple of revisions of the outside shape and I finally got it to where I was happy with it. The cut out designs match one of the holiday ornaments. I did that so that, those of you that already have that set can use the matching ornament as a mobile decoration or additional table decoration. I like (and plan it that way) that my sets can be used with one another.

moroccan inspiration - party set

I made this pennant banner rather small but think of it four times as big. It would look really festive! If the place card is cut in half it could also double as a gift tag (you know I love those!).

moroccan inspiration - party set

I included some borders too. You can do so many things with them: embellish stationery, menus and scrapbook pages, wrap gifts, make fancy bows, wrap invitations, etc.—seriously endless possibilities. They can also be added to a larger lantern base for added decoration.

Bold colors like turquoise, raspberry and orange would all be great additions to this set. Do you see it? Fun, fun! My little C is asking for a purple lantern to play with. She wants me to add fake yellow flames in the middle to pretend it is a real lantern. She's too cute.

The Moroccan Party Set is available in the shop now.

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Circle of Moms has nominated me for the Top 25 Creative Moms. If you have a minute I'd love your vote. I posted this on Facebook over on Friday and since then I've realized that everyone can vote once every 24hrs until March 17th.

Don't worry this will be the only announcement I make. If I don't make it, so be it. Thank you so much for your vote! And thank you Circle of Moms

a little hut is now at silhouette

a little hut now on silhouette

Some news! —A Little Hut files are now being sold at the Silhouette Store. It will be an easy way for those of you that have Silhouette accounts or memberships to access some of my work. More will be coming, but slowly because I am only permitted to upload 10 files a week. I hope you like what you see there!

simple monday: popsicle sticks + paper

popsicle sticks + paper

We made this house with my little C over the weekend. It's based on one that I made several years ago but the rooftop is symmetrical and we added a removable piece that converts the top bunk bed into a full second floor.

I added a couple of paper flower beds for some color. All I did was cut two pieces of green paper in the shape of kidney beans and I combined some of my flowers to make the rest. None of the flowers are wider than 1 1/2".

Today the kids are off from school and this has been keeping my girly girl thoroughly entertained. Simple materials can be so much fun.

Happy Monday!

flower garden

some changes

paper hurricane

I don't even know where to start with this. It's a laundry list of things. One of the benefits (and difficulties) of being a business owner is that I make all the decisions and choose to act upon them (or not). So, hang on. Here I am jumping in...

I had a freebie section in my shop that is no longer active. I've had issues with the downloads in that area. They are being used and/or downloaded in ways that I do not approve of. I've held out from taking this step for a while. It isn't a one or two time issue. It's been ongoing (different people from different cities/countries) and it's time to step in and use my common sense.

When I offer freebies I do so in the spirit of sharing, of giving something that I think others may enjoy. When that intent is trampled upon I just feel well... gutted (feel free to add some choice expletives too). It really, really gets to me. Some days I let it all slide, some I boil in rage and others I feel like throwing in the towel and rolling up in a sloppy mess of tears. Sounds melodramatic but that's really how's it's been. I won't delve into details because that has no point. But for something that is supposed be fun for me to do and for you to enjoy it has been anything but that.

Like I said, I held out for as long as I could. But that's it. I can't take it anymore.

Those of you that have the freebies in your account downloads section can still access them. Some of the files that were freebies are still available for a minimal tip-jar kind of fee.

I want to show those of you that are loyal, friendly, and all around awesome customers (thank you, thank you for your support!) that I really do appreciate your visits and your orders, so I have my thinking cap on as far as what promotions/rewards I can offer. I'm not sure what direction I'll take but I'll definitely keep you posted.

My newsletter has been monthly up until now. It will now be a bi-weekly visit to your inbox. As always I'll keep it short and sweet and it will not be a duplicate of my blog. If you haven't already done so, sign up here to keep up with all the new goodies I have in the works and future promotions and offers.

Please don't be too surprised if in the coming weeks I get a little slow in content and there aren't too many tutorials. I'm the process of putting together two major projects (you'll see!) and there's only so many hours in a day! I hope you'll be patient with me and hang in there.

I'd love, love to hear from you! If you have any suggestions for the shop (ie. what type of file designs you're dying to have) or just want to send me a comment about anything here or on my site please feel free to either email me or post something in my new suggestion box.

I'm still open to advertisers that consider my blog a good fit to their products. Just contact me for further information.
• • •

I hope that these changes are taken in the light in which they are presented. I want A Little Hut to become a better place for me to continue to explore what I love to do so much and for you to visit comfortably. Owning a business and working passionately for something needs to be sprinkled with doses of reality checks like today. It's just a healthy way to move forward and grow. 

As always, I appreciate your continued support and please know that my door is always open for anyone that would like to ask questions or address constructive ideas.

Thanks for reading this unexpectedly long post!

my thought for today

Nobody trips over mountains. It is the small pebble that causes you to stumble. Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find you have crossed the mountain. —Author Unknown

• • •

Friday Tidbits
- Rules of a creator's life - Love it and agree with it all!
- I have some washi tape (reminder to self: use it!) so I really don't need more but these rolls from Lotta Jansdotter are certainly sweet.

Have a great weekend everyone!

journaling flat cards

journaling flat cards

In preparation for tomorrow's Project Life morning I decided that I also need some flat cards to go along with the journaling fill-in cards I made last week. Some weeks I have a lot to write and some I don't, so now I'm prepared for either scenario. These new cards fit in the 4" x 6" sleeves where I usually place photos. If you'd like some for yourself they are now in the shop as well (SVG, DXF & PDF formats).

I'm curious, is anyone else working on Project Life? I'm sorry that I feel rather strange about sharing my layouts (I know that many people do). Hopefully by seeing the paper designs that I'm using you get an idea or a sense of what my spreads look like. They have more of the same simple, graphic style that I sprinkle everywhere.

Oh, by the way, I added a NEW category to the shop. I think that it will make it easier to find something that you haven't seen before. I'll keep new products there for about a couple of weeks or so.

 journaling cards or flat notes

It's been gloomy and rainy this week so I've been quietly making progress on some projects. I can't wait to talk about them some more!

Hope you're all doing well. I for one am completely ready for Friday—except that I'm pretending that I don't have an appointment with the dentist tomorrow. Ugh.

review: luxe business cards by moo

I love thick business cards and these are the thickest I've ever seen. I was looking forward to receiving a box of Luxe business cards by Moo (in association with Mohawk paper) but I didn't know if they'd live up to my expectations. Oh they did! They're beautiful.

The cards are really, really thick, a true matte and the back of the cards can be printed with any image you send. They really do feel luxe in every way. Even the packaging (magnetic closure box) feels that way. Custom designs are available but I used my own.

If you order 50 cards you can have 50 different images on the back. What a great opportunity to show off products or portfolio work. I had a hard time selecting the images I wanted to use. I decided to go with a variety of colors to see how they would print. They held up really well and stayed true to the images I uploaded to the site.

The cards are made of three layers of paper and the middle layer can be either black, blue, red or white—your choice! I got my set in black and I can't wait to get more.

For more information about the Moo Luxe business cards visit the Moo web site, where they even have a video that explains this new product with more detail.

Thank you Moo!

Disclosure: I was sent a box of cards for review but, you know me, this post is a personal opinion.

happy valentine's day

happy valentine's day!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

• • •

A little late for today but this is on my screen now—and love isn't just a one day thing, right?
If you'd like to download one for yourself click here:
1440 x 900
1024 x 768

simple monday: easy kids valentine's day project


If you have little ones and you're still looking for something for them to share with classmates, here is a simple project to do. My tutorial, a free download and full instructions are on the Out of Office FedEx blog.

Happy Monday!

Disclosure: I am a paid blogger for FedEx Office

journaling cards & tags - svg files

journaling cards & tags

This is a small project that came about out of sheer necessity. I was feeling like my Project Life pages needed a bit of color and to top it off sometimes I don't journal enough to fill in all the sleeves. This is my solution—journaling cards. They also double as gift tags or card-making/scrapbooking graphics.  They are now available in the shop.

journaling cards & tags

As we get closer to spring I notice I'll also getting more into brighter colors. It's funny how the weather can affect things like that.

journaling cards & tags

My weekly writing and candid shots for Project Life are going really well. It's turning out to be a much more satisfying project than I anticipated. I still have to get used to the journaling part of it but I'm getting there.

For those of you slightly entertaining the idea of doing something like this, I highly recommend it. I love how I'm capturing the every-day that I wasn't taking into account as important memory-keeping ideas before. I know the things I'm capturing are things that, with time, and not wanting to, I'd forget—that would be a tragedy.

I wish I would've started sooner. I really do.

This week's highlight: my little C learned to crochet. I LOVE that she hums when she's doing it.

• • •

Friday Tidbits
- For those of you that missed the link on Twitter or Facebook - I was interviewed by the lovely Monica Lee of Smart Creative Women. See the video here. Thank you Monica!
- If you still need a Valentine's Day project here is an oldie but a goodie.
- A delayed "Inspired By": Famille Summerbelle's work is gorgeous and always so amazing. I lvoe this video of a San Francisco piece in progress.

Have a great weekend everyone!

review: martha stewart crafts for valentine's day

origami boxes

I have a confession to make. I can act just like my eight year old daughter when I see cute paper. We were both oohhing and ahhing over the sheets inside the paper pack that I received from Martha Stewart Crafts.

The package included:
Martha Stewart Crafts Enchanted Woodland Paper Pad
Martha Stewart Crafts Valentines Day Heart Shape Treat Bag (6 bags per package)
Martha Stewart Crafts Hearts Stamp and Ink Set

martha stewart valentine's day

Yes, I love contemporary lines and designs but there is still that little girl inside of me that enjoys a little cute every now and then. My little C has already staked a claim on some of the sheets and I played with them a bit too. Some of the sheets have Valentine's Day message cards that C wants to use to give her classmates next Tuesday with goodies in the heart bags that we received too. I like that the goodie bags have everything you need: hearts in pink and red, name tags, ribbon strips and pointed cello sleeves that fits in nicely.

What you can't see in photos is that this paper pack has a lot of foil in it. The darkest red hearts you see in the photos of the pad cover (center and a few of the sample squares) are foil paper. There are a some glitter pages too. I was curious and I a piece of the foil through the Silhouette and it cut like butter. I thought it would chip around the edges but it didn't. I also like the weight of all the card stock—thick and sturdy.

martha stewart valentine's day

I purchased the Martha Stewart Crafts Stamp And Ink Set Valentines Day Heart & Key set last year, but I prefer this year's version because the hearts are bigger and the set seem more versatile. I'm probably going to stick this little card into next week's Project Life layout.

(The hang tag version is a preview of something you'll see later today.)

origami boxes

To make the base of these origami boxes I used the instructions shown in this video.

The instructions for the cover:
If you'd like the cover to be slightly larger and have some of the bottom of the inside box show (like the photo above) there is one slight change you need to do. I changed the step that you see 47 seconds into the video (the step where there are folds that meet at the center). Instead of having the folds meet at the center they are each 1/4" away from the center so there will be a gap between the sides that meet. The same for the other two sides of the square. I made my boxes from a 12" square sheet of paper so if you make it smaller you'll have to adjust the 1/4" accordingly.

Step in minute 2:00 of the video: since the change above was made the folding over of the sides may not be exact. Just adjust the folding over the edge as needed. You'll see what I mean if you try it.

If none of this makes sense then just email me and ask! Haha!

• • •

Thank you Martha Stewart Crafts for the goodies!

simple monday: a tap on the shoulder

"Kids nowadays have a lot of crap and even though we were poor we had more. We all sat together at dinner time. None of this business of one here and one there. We had family. We had more."

A bit of what an 85 year old sweet lady said to me in the grocery store (yep she told me her age too). She stopped me to ask if I was cold. She said that my shawl reminded her of her grandmother who was too poor to afford a jacket. She has vivid childhood memories of her visiting them with her snow covered shawl—so vivid in fact that she got teary eyed as she told me her story.

After she walked away I was left wondering why I had run into such a random moment and conversation. It felt like a little reminder to stop and be grateful for what I have.

Happy Monday!

9 ways to use paper scraps

wine tag

I couldn't resist—just one more to top off the week. This is a simple wine tag that uses the same style and technique as the projects I posted this week. The only difference is that the two strips of scraps are overlapping and one side of each is not trimmed. Use the blank space to stamp a sentiment or write a message. Easy!

- Cut a rectangle that is 2 12" x 6 1/2" (6cm x 16cm)
- Use a circle punch that is at least 1 3/4" (4cm) wide. Punch a hole about 1/2" (13mm) from the top edge of the tag.
Optional: Using a corner punch round off the top two corners of the tag.
- Make and attach the bottom strip of scraps first (use the technique shown in my wall art project)
- Make a second strip of scraps that overlaps the first strip.
- Add a sentiment and you're done!

• • •

Just to summarize here are other ideas where you can use scraps and strips of paper:
- Gift tags: simple tags part 1, simple tags part two, tree gift tag (can you tell I love tags?)
- For gift wrapping decor
- Cards
- Poinsetta (can become a daisy with round edged petals)
- 3D Numbers (letters would work too)
- Wall art

Now you can't tell me I haven't given you some ideas for small projects that you can do within minutes. Right?
• • •

I don't know about you but I'm ready for the weekend. Bring it on!
Have a great one everyone!

just scraps: a couple of gift wrapping ideas

just scraps - gift wrapping

Today I thought that instead of Inspired By I'd show you a couple more scraps ideas. They are simple ways to use scraps for wrapping goodies when you're short on supplies.

Strips card/tag (large box)
- Using double-sided tape wrap the gift with the seams on the top instead of the bottom of the gift.
- Cut out a strip about the width of a bookmark and cover it halfway with strips.
- Cut out a V shape at the bottom and slide it in through one of the side openings of the gift wrap (just make sure that there isn't tape there).
- Optional: Use the blank space on the strip of paper to stamp or write a sentiment

Strips ribbon (small box)
- Cut out a strip of paper that is long enough to wrap the visible three sides of a box.
- Randomly glue scraps of paper to the strip
- Trim the excess of scrap paper on the edges.
- Wrap the gift with the seams at the top of the box. Fold the edges over and make sure to leave a gap that is large enough for the strip of scraps to show through. Attach the strip to the underside of the edges of the wrapping paper with double sided tape.
- Finish wrapping the open ends of the gift and make sure to neatly crease the scraps where they meet the edge of the gift box.

Optional: Instead of tucking the strip of scraps under the wrapping paper place it over and around the gift like a decorative band. In this case, the strip would need to be long enough to wrap around the entire box.

just scraps - gift wrapping

As you can see making these strips is not hard at all and they do not have to be perfect. The one on the left looked like the one on the right before trimming off the edges—just like I showed you with the scraps artwork and the card.

That's it—Super easy!

Inspired By
If you're interested in knowing what inspires some of my more linear work visit the site that is my current browser home page: Dezeen Magazine. It always gives me a lot of food for thought. Love it!

I hope you aren't tired of scraps yet. There is more to come down the road.
(Remember that the cover of my book, Home, Paper, Scissors also shows a fun way to use scraps too!)