bits, pieces and patience


I'm the type of crazy person that stays up until crazy hours of the night (err... morning) to make something like this. All I have to say is I'm so glad I married someone that really gets me.

This is an edited version of the hummingbird from my Spring Paper Quilt. The making of the bird was part cutting machine and part handmade. I cut the large pieces with the machine and all the 'feather's by hand. Adding all the hand cut pieces took much longer than I expected but it was something I'd been wanting to try for a while. A good movie kept me company. I have a habit, when I have a production heavy project, to have a movie on (one I've seen before) to keep me company. I don't know why, but it helps pass the time.

It's pretty amazing what a little texture can do to an image and it's the best way to use scraps. You can use any shape and it will just feel like it's popping off the page. Try it!

Have a great week everyone!

spring paper quilt

Spring paper quilt

I really don't have any right to complain (no snow here but a lot of rainy/gray days) but I'm so over the cold and ready for Spring. A little designing and paper quilt making got me distracted for a few days.

Believe it or not one of the hardest parts of this project was picking the colors. These designs can go in so many directions—pinks and greens, blues and lime greens, neutrals (like taupe and brown or even black—not very spring-like but very appropriate for a sophisticated feel). I had all sorts of color trios in my hands until I finally decided to go with this turquoise and red combination. I think it may have been inspired by a flower I made a few weeks back (posted on Instagram).

Just as my other Paper Quilts these boxes can be used individually or as a group. I hope you have a lot fun with them!

You can order this Spring Paper Quilt for free with purchase until March 6th.
The coupon information for this project is on the A Little Hut home page.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Spring paper quilt

just checking in

Ledge boxes by Patricia Zapata

Have you ever had several books on your night table and you tackle all of them bits at a time? That's where I'm at with some of my projects. My work space is a complete disaster zone.

I've been chipping away at getting files together for different collections and sketching and experimenting with other styles and ideas. I started another Instagram account solely for my sketching (@pzexplorations) and the boxes above are the result of an idea that came to fruition while watching the Grammy's (which weren't completely holding my attention anyway). I'm still waiting for sample from Spoonflower so there's that too. So you see, I've been quiet but not altogether sitting still. 

While I come back with something completed here are a few of my favorite Instagram feeds that you may find interesting:
- Rachel Ryle - If you find animation and illustration interesting at all you should really check out this artist's Instagram feed. Her work is amazing and so fun.
- Kelly Ventura - The way she works with watercolor is wonderful. Her style is free and vibrant.
- Crystal Wagner - I met this amazing paper artist when I was in Connecticut last year for a paper show. She is equally vibrant in person as her work appears in her photos. So much talent!

Have a great week!

3D paper embroidery revisited

3D embroidery - Patricia Zapata

Have you ever had an idea or a project just nagging at you and just wanting to come out? This is one of those projects. It's a like a little tap, tap, tap that my brain makes every now and then. This is not new. I've shown it a couple of other times in the past two years (yes, that's how long it's been). This time it will be different because I want to take it further. For now this is my latest iteration and more will be coming — where you get to join in the fun.

Part of me always feels a little guilty about just using black and white because in my creative world color is "everything". Part of me feels absolute delight. Color is harder for me than I care to admit. I LOVE black and white — more than anyone knows.

3D embroidery - Patricia Zapata