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simple monday cards

I've been sorting, filing and just cleaning up a lot of my files. I went through my photos too and I don't know why but I felt very connected with this old photo. Remember my Simple Monday posts? These cards are definitely great representations of how simple can totally work and be used for so many different occasions.

These cards can be made with simple flower designs and portions of background shapes. The card full of leaves is by far my favorite. I made it using a portion of my Just Leaves Lattice file. Groups of leaves are still one of my favorite things to draw — they are therapeutic to work on.

Look at your patterned embossing folders and background SVG files in a new light. Instead leaving them in the back, why not making them the centerpiece of your cards?

(The cutting files are part of my backgrounds and flowers files.)


I was challenged by Nikita Prokhorov (who is brilliant with ambigrams) to "Post Your Art" for five days. These are the photos I included in the challenge (the brown cards that I posted a few days ago was my first image).

I knew it would be a fun exercise to look back and select what I wanted to highlight. The unexpected was how this reaffirmed just how much I love working with paper and coming up with new designs.


I continue to expand my horizons by using my designs for other applications but the reality is that paper is my first love. Whether it's a two-dimension or three-dimensional design the work is the same. I use an initial sketch as an inspiration and the rest just flows—if it's meant to be. I do run across some ideas that simply don't take off. I've learned to let them go at quicker pace now. Three-dimensional projects like mobiles, boxes or decorative items rank highly in the fun department.


Now my that my work has become a bit more illustrative you may see more work like my latest Spring Embrace — and it seems many of you don't mind that at all. I have to say that the success of that set (based on the sales from this past weekend) really took me by surprise. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to all of you that support my work! You have no idea how happy it makes me to imagine some of my spring scenes popping up in your homes.

just christmas

I realize that for those of you that follow me on Instagram and FB, these images are all repetitious. I apologize for that but I wanted to add these additional thoughts. Now I'm off to continue dreaming up new projects. It's like riding a new wave without knowing how it will end. But the fun is the ride, right?

Happy Monday!

spring embrace gift set

spring embrace gift set

I've been giving some in-progress images on Instagram regarding this project. It started with the simplest of little sketches that I drew one night right before going to bed. It developed naturally after that.

Here are some additional ideas for using this Spring Embrace Gift Set:
- Table numbers
- Rectangular shaped banner pieces
- Cut the illustrations out of white paper and place over colorful paper (pastels?) for a nursery
- Frame the 3D flower in a shadow box to use as artwork
- Use one of the illustrations on top of a gift wrapped in solid colored gift wrap.

I decided to turn this into a gift set because there isn't anything more fun than to give someone you've made. Right? Cards are not only a great gift but they're small (fast to make) and so useful for the person that gets them. The larger rectangular piece and the card illustrations are great to give someone framed artwork. I'm about to make more of these myself as gifts (Mother's Day is on my mind ;)).

Have a great weekend everyone!

spring embrace gift set

bits, pieces and patience


I'm the type of crazy person that stays up until crazy hours of the night (err... morning) to make something like this. All I have to say is I'm so glad I married someone that really gets me.

This is an edited version of the hummingbird from my Spring Paper Quilt. The making of the bird was part cutting machine and part handmade. I cut the large pieces with the machine and all the 'feather's by hand. Adding all the hand cut pieces took much longer than I expected but it was something I'd been wanting to try for a while. A good movie kept me company. I have a habit, when I have a production heavy project, to have a movie on (one I've seen before) to keep me company. I don't know why, but it helps pass the time.

It's pretty amazing what a little texture can do to an image and it's the best way to use scraps. You can use any shape and it will just feel like it's popping off the page. Try it!

Have a great week everyone!