journaling cards & tags - svg files

journaling cards & tags

This is a small project that came about out of sheer necessity. I was feeling like my Project Life pages needed a bit of color and to top it off sometimes I don't journal enough to fill in all the sleeves. This is my solution—journaling cards. They also double as gift tags or card-making/scrapbooking graphics.  They are now available in the shop.

journaling cards & tags

As we get closer to spring I notice I'll also getting more into brighter colors. It's funny how the weather can affect things like that.

journaling cards & tags

My weekly writing and candid shots for Project Life are going really well. It's turning out to be a much more satisfying project than I anticipated. I still have to get used to the journaling part of it but I'm getting there.

For those of you slightly entertaining the idea of doing something like this, I highly recommend it. I love how I'm capturing the every-day that I wasn't taking into account as important memory-keeping ideas before. I know the things I'm capturing are things that, with time, and not wanting to, I'd forget—that would be a tragedy.

I wish I would've started sooner. I really do.

This week's highlight: my little C learned to crochet. I LOVE that she hums when she's doing it.

• • •

Friday Tidbits
- For those of you that missed the link on Twitter or Facebook - I was interviewed by the lovely Monica Lee of Smart Creative Women. See the video here. Thank you Monica!
- If you still need a Valentine's Day project here is an oldie but a goodie.
- A delayed "Inspired By": Famille Summerbelle's work is gorgeous and always so amazing. I lvoe this video of a San Francisco piece in progress.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Found your blog from the Silhouette top 40 sites. Lovely designs! Will stop by your store and blog more often.

    Also great to find another Project Life enthusiast!!

    1. Welcome Chaitali! I'm glad that you've stopped by. :)