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I'm back. Well rested. The week turned out very differently than we had planned but that's ok. You can't control everything can you? Little C and I had the stomach flu at the beginning of last week. We were pretty much wiped out for a few days. You know how that goes.

The rest of the week, accompanied by a lot of rain, we played cards, board games, etc. Crafty things were put aside until I had the urge to make a couple of things for my little C to play with. Toy recalls must have been on my mind too.

I've had this little popsicle house in mind for a while and I still want to add some other trinkets. It's funny that even though little C has a couple of other doll houses, that are much bigger and better, she's been playing with this one a lot. I guess the best toy is always the newest, regardless of price or size.

Little C saw some stuffed cow, hippo and elephant ballerinas in a store this past week but instead of buying any one of those for her I told her I'd make one for her. I knew I had everything I needed at home. Even the tulle. But why o why do I promise something that I've never really made before? I studied the animal heads, before we left the store, and they are definitely a challenge to put together. In the end, I convinced her that it was best to make a little girl instead. That was still a stretch since this is the first time I make a round head (with no pattern!) and only the second doll I sew together.

The flower thingy around her neck is to hide the fact that she looks like she has a neck brace instead of a regular dainty neck! I ended up crocheting the shoes because the idea of sewing something so small was just beyond my patience at the time. It took me 10 minutes to finish the pair. And the pink is little C's request. It's her favorite color.

By the way, if you'd like to receive my shop updates, I've added a convenient link to the sign up page right under my address on the top right hand column of this page. There are some things I've been working on for the shop and I think I'll be ready to unveil in the next couple of weeks.

Now to gear up for tomorrow. My little ones start school and it's the first time they're both going full-time. I'll have the house to myself and I know it's going to be nice but very quiet and sort of lonely at the same time. They've grown so fast...


  1. Your stuff is beautiful. :)

    How did I not know you lived in Kingwood?? My parents live there and we nearly bought a house there before my husband joined the Army. Stay dry. I hear it's been a super wet summer.

  2. My little one is ablout to start school to but just part time till January, it's a very good question, how do they grow up so fast! Anyway, love your stuff and your blog, it's really interesting and inspiring.

  3. oh that doll n that house! beautiful!! sigh!! ur lil C is soo lucky to hav such a wonderful mother...

  4. The little house design is brilliant! Can you post some instructions? And I think it's wonderful that you are making toys for your kids to play with...Blessings to you! :)

  5. LOVE the doll. Makes me think of Knitted Babes...a terrific book with knitting patterns for a doll and lots of great outfits. I'm jealous that you can do all that without a pattern.

  6. That house is awesome! My little girl would love that.

  7. Tag you're it...

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  8. Love the little popsicle house.

  9. My 2 girls would absolutely love to have a popsicle house! They love to make miniature houses and farms with kleenex boxes and shoe boxes. I could totally see them painting and decorating this little house.


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