review: luxe business cards by moo

I love thick business cards and these are the thickest I've ever seen. I was looking forward to receiving a box of Luxe business cards by Moo (in association with Mohawk paper) but I didn't know if they'd live up to my expectations. Oh they did! They're beautiful.

The cards are really, really thick, a true matte and the back of the cards can be printed with any image you send. They really do feel luxe in every way. Even the packaging (magnetic closure box) feels that way. Custom designs are available but I used my own.

If you order 50 cards you can have 50 different images on the back. What a great opportunity to show off products or portfolio work. I had a hard time selecting the images I wanted to use. I decided to go with a variety of colors to see how they would print. They held up really well and stayed true to the images I uploaded to the site.

The cards are made of three layers of paper and the middle layer can be either black, blue, red or white—your choice! I got my set in black and I can't wait to get more.

For more information about the Moo Luxe business cards visit the Moo web site, where they even have a video that explains this new product with more detail.

Thank you Moo!

Disclosure: I was sent a box of cards for review but, you know me, this post is a personal opinion.


  1. Your cards look awesome! I really like all the options Moo cards have. I got some mini cards a few years ago that were very nice.

    1. I'd always heard of the regular Moo cards but I'd never had the opportunity (or more like would forget about it) to order any. These luxe cards are really, really nice. I hate sounding like an informercial but I really feel that way!

  2. I selected moo's cards in the past for my photography biz, now after reading this I need to try their new luxe cards. Their quality is better than any other cards I had compared them with. The thickness and finish of the cards makes them feel more... professional :)
    Besides the paper, the printing quality is amazing. It is truly a pocket-size photography portfolio.

  3. I got cards from Moo last year. I designed them myself and the design, looking back, wasn't great, but the cards themselves were of great quality and incredibly good value. Will be checking out their site again soon...

  4. I like the design - it's simple yet detailed. Those can definitely help make a good first impression on potential clients. After all, the business card is like an introductory letter of your business. A lot can be told from a simple business card, so it is important that a card encapsulates all that is about your business or company.