the end

Okay people. This is it. The last day of February. Let's get it over with and move on. February had its many bad moments for so many (I'm so very sorry Chile) but it had great ones for others (two new babies for friends!) and some great news for us. So here's to a brighter March and for spring to get here real soon!

accordion paper clock

accordion paper clock

Remember the sneak peek I showed you this week? The full project is now posted on Craft. If you have any questions just let me know.

accordion paper clock


Jessica, Jan, Jenean and Michelle started it and I've decided to give it a go myself. This is just a little glimpse into what happens when we take an idea and follow a process until it becomes something a bit more cohesive and/or useful.

The ladies that I mentioned all blogged about their pattern making processes. In my case, I started with yesterday's) sketch and ended up with a prototype for stationery. It could easily become a pattern for anything else I suppose. Below is the hypothetical example that I worked on today.

1 - I scanned my sketchbook and used the image of my doodle as a backdrop in Adobe Illustrator. I placed a white transparent box over it (digital tissue paper of sorts) and started tracing over the image. The end result is a graphic and clean look.


2 - After a lot of moving things around I end up with these. The image on the top left is the one I created today. The image with yellow accents was the one I posted yesterday. The big difference is obvious. The feel is completely different in the yellow version because it is hand drawn and color was added digitally.


3 - One thing lead to another and I started wondering about other shapes. The bottom left is where I'm just trying to figure out what I'm going to do with two of the bowl/flower shapes. The bottom right is the final combination of the two elements. It reminds me of a logo mark.

In essence I ended up with three distinct looking images from one sketch idea. Two plant like shapes and one graphic icon.

4 - Applications - Below are just a couple of possible applications for two of the images. My favorite is definitely the top one. I'm actually thinking I may want to try it out printed on fabric for a cushion.

idea 1

hypothetical idea 2

And that's it. This exercise could go on and on. Like I said this is something I just worked on this afternoon. If I had more time to refine this who knows where I'd end up.

By the way, for any of you wondering, this process doesn't work for my paper projects at all. I mentally go over, and over my 3D paper projects before ever touching paper or my Xacto. Once I have the design in mind I may sketch something out really quickly to record measurements and then I just go for it. Nine times out of ten, what I had in my head works out and it looks exactly the way I imagined it.

Anyone else interested in showing their process? We'd love to see!

sleepy time = creative time

This is a doodle based on something I drew right before going to sleep last night. Many of my ideas come at that point of the evening. I'm at the most exhausted, about to surrender to Morpheus and then it hits me—a new idea, a new illustration, project—you name it.

If my foggy brain thinks that an idea is worthy enough to stretch out my arm from under the covers, it gets recorded in my sketchbook. Otherwise, it's completely lost. The problem with sketching that late is that sometimes I end up staying up another hour or two. I'm glad I did in this case because I got a lot out of my head. I must remember to put pencil to paper more often.

How about you? When do new ideas hit you?

sleepy time idea

sneak peek

It's been a very busy last couple of weeks, as you can tell by my absence. Part of it has been related to my design work and part of it is simply related to family life. Come to think of it, another reason is the Olympics. We are avidly watching as much as we can. I love how the kids get so excited when they're rooting for certain athletes. So that's pretty much it... I wish I had something more interesting for you.

I'll leave you with a sneak peek of a tutorial that is coming this week. Can you guess what it is?

recycling project no. 20 - 3D heart

This is very easy if you need to make a last minute Valentine gift or card.

- Magazine (or any other type of paper)
- Glue stick
- Scissors
- Deep frame or card stock

1. Using scissors and a page out of magazine, cut out one heart that is about 3" tall. Use it as a template to cut out a dozen additional hearts.
2. Fold each heart in half and add glue to a 1/4" on the folded border. Attach another folded heart on top of the first one.
3. Repeat step 2 until all the hearts are stacked and glued one on top of another. They will only be attached to close to their folded area.
4. Once it's dry, the heart will fan open. Glue it on the center of a piece of card stock that will fit into the frame.

This heart can also be glued to the center of a piece of card stock and used as a card or gift tag.

If you'd like your heart to look fuller add more hearts.

• • •

If you live in the Houston area and would like to see me work on this project I will be on Going Green with Yolanda Green (Channel 39) on Saturday at noon and again on Sunday at 10am.

Have a great Valentine's Day!

The egg carton heart project can be found here.

EDIT: Below is the video of the show that played locally this past weekend.

work + play

My crafty side was indulged yesterday by the filming a couple of segments that will air on Houston's Going Green with Yolanda Green. One will air this coming weekend (Saturday at noon and Sunday at 10am) and the other will air around Easter. I made 2 crafts for each of the holidays. Working in video is fun but boy is it tiring. Thank goodness for a patient camera man who put up with all the takes and retakes!

For Valentine's day I made my Egg Carton Heart and some 3D magazine hearts to be used for framing or as gift tags. There are no photos because my camera and computer aren't playing nice right now. I guess I'll just show you a completely unrelated photo from Friday. We were scribbling during a bingo game on Friday night at the kids' school.

And for those of you that are waiting to find out... Congratulations Jessica Jo! You are the winner of the calendar and Home, Paper, Scissors! I'll be in touch.

Let me know just say that I think this is the time that I've enjoyed all of your comments the most. I definitely think I need to do a grateful post again sometime. You shared so much and it was all so touching—thank you so much.

happy ending

This was a really great week. I can't even tell you why and I will never be able to. All I can say is that, it is confirmed once again, that things happen for a reason. They just do. It's really quite amazing how frustrating certain events can be and all of the sudden the clouds clear and you 'get it'—there was a reason behind it all.

Today I'm just grateful. So very grateful.


On an unrelated matter and just because I happen to be arranging some things and found an extra calendar, I've decided to host a small giveaway. January has come and gone and February is upon us, so I know that almost a full page is useless to you. To make up for that, I will also include a copy of my book and a small assortment of paper goodies.

Just leave a comment below and share what you've been grateful for recently. I know we all have something. The comments section will be open until Monday at 10pm EST. I'll announce the winner on Tuesday. (Make sure to leave me your contact info!)

Have a great weekend everyone!

during morning coffee

Today I thought I was going to show you part two of what I started on Monday. It turns out that part two came about during a spur of the moment idea I had this morning—and it's not even the same piece. I've gone up in size quite a bit.

Materials - paper, Xacto, pencil, cutting mat, two wooden dowels (of the half-dozen I have around for who knows what reason), two push pins (fancy!).

during morning coffee

This sad bare wall is what our guests first see upon entering the house. Since moving back in, after the remodeling, I have yet to decide what to put there. I know for sure that I don't want a console/mirror combo (that chair is there just for scale). I guess paper will do for now.

Next time I tackle the wall it will be something a bit more 3D. Ideas already flowing...

during morning coffee

the start

There is so much going on with my design projects that I've neglected my handmade work. I've decided to start on a small piece and just work on it a bit every day. So this is day one.

I sketched something on the back of this but it's going in a completely different direction. I'm going with the flow...