recycling project no. 19 - yarn gift tag

recycling no. 19 - yarn gift tags

The segment that I shot yesterday with a local news crew went really well. I was a bit nervous at first but as soon as I got into a rhythm it went smoothly from there. The segment will air next week. I'll post it if I can get a hold of the video.

We worked on projects from my book, but from more of a recycling angle. We used paper towel cardboard tubes for one of the projects. The leftover cutouts inspired this new idea. It's a quick, very easy and cheap project to make.

- Paper towel cardboard tube
- Yarn - two strands of different colors that are about 4' (120cm) in length each
- Scissors

1. Fold cardboard tube lengthwise and cut off 'ovals' that are about 3/8" (1cm) wide.

2. Starting on one end of the oval, wrap the yarn continuously around the cardboard. Once the oval is completely covered in yarn, make a double knot with the two loose ends.

recycling no. 19 - yarn gift tags

3. Repeat step 2 with an another piece of cut cardboard and the additional strand of yarn.

recycling no. 19 - yarn gift tags

4. Attach both tags to a gift and cut off the loose yarn strands evenly. I made a very impromptu video (my first! - so bear with me) of how I attached the tags to a box.

I would've wanted to record something a bit more substantial but it got really dark around here just when I was working on this.

recycling no. 19 - yarn gift tags

I called these gift tags for this project but these yarn decorations can also be used for a party (hung around a table, on branches or a mantle) or holiday tree decorations. What about a whole wreath full of these?

Need more ideas that use cardboard tubes? Try my glass hurricane or tea light covers.

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