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I don't remember how I found Beinda's work but as soon as I saw it I wanted to know a little bit more about her. I like the uncomplicated but methodical and rhythmic look of her work.

Artist: Belinda Kemp
Business: Gretchenmist
Web site:
Location: Melbourne, Australia

What do you create?
Mixed media artwork {painting, drawing, collage} on paper and wood and also hand-painted wood and silk pendants and brooches.

When and why did you start your business?
I started my etsy shop almost 18 months ago. When I first started listing my work I thought of my shop as kind of online folio or a place to collect all the work that I was making. {I also have 2 little boys at home}. I was so excited to discover etsy and the idea of being able to actually sell my work completely independently and at a level that suited me ~ in terms of my lifestyle and available hours. Really I felt that I had nothing to loose and just jumped in about a week after finding etsy!

Which of your tools is your favorite?
Am loving my new size 0 round brushes at the moment. They are so skinny and neat.

What keeps you motivated?
Having the need to create and work is like a driving force for me at the moment! The etsy and blogging communities also really help to keep me motivated. Having so much information available about how to get things happening business-wise is great. Also having people commenting on work in progress and new work, via my blog and flickr is really good for keeping the ideas and productivity flowing. I've joined in a couple of weekly blogging activities which has really helped me to focus on where I'm at with my work ~ it's also fun catching up with the other people and seeing their work on the go.

Thank you so much Belinda!

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