7 years

7 years

Today I celebrate seven years of blogging. Seven! It seems unreal.

Seven things I've learned:
- Go with the flow of my own creativity and personal pace.
- Stay true to my style. Always.
- Writing is still painful, but I make it work. Pressing "publish" still gives me pause.
- Take breaks when needed. It's better than posting for posting's sake.
- Accept that things are changing in the blogging world. Everyone is so quiet!
- It's great to have a 'specialty' but it's fun to try other things too.
- It's always best to keep learning. There's always room for improvement.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to those of you that have visited . I know there are a million places you could be and the fact that you stop by is still very important to me. I hope that I can continue to teach or inspire you in some way.

7 years

So... onto a few changes:

- Friday Freebie:  I will be posting freebies on Fridays—no strings attached. The files will be two-dimensional (SVG & DXF) and can be used for personal use only. Remember that you can use code seven12 for 30% discount on all A Little Hut products until tomorrow.

- Weekly challenge: I'm going to start a weekly challenge on every other Thursday. It will be based on an inspirational photograph or image. I will start the first challenge next week (May 31st).
- Product/tool reviews: I'll be writing more of these posts as I come across products I use and like.
- Product listings (as you see below): I've always thought these are practical when I've seen them on other blogs. You can see at a glance what product is being used at any given time. Full disclosure: I will earn some commission on these listings.

Just for fun!
Since birthday cards are something that we all need at some point or another I was wondering if anyone would like to show off their work with today's first freebie.

Who's willing to share? If you are, post your project to your blog or elsewhere on the web (ie Flickr) and copy the URL to upload by clicking on the little blue bar below the product listings. I'd love to see what you make!

That's all for now. See you Tuesday. Have a great weekend!


  1. Happy blogiversary!! I really enjoy reading your blog and getting inspired by your ideas :) Thank you for the birthday freebie. I'm looking forward seeing the new features you're adding to your blog!

  2. Happy Birthday to you! Seven years is wonderful - Best Wishes for another seven!

  3. Felicidades!!
    Gracias por estos siete años, espero que sean muchos más.

  4. Muitos parabéns e obrigada pela inspiração :)

  5. Happy Anniversary, Patricia! I've been a fan of your art for many of those 7 years and just wanted to say how grateful I am for your oh-so-beautifully clean and classy style. Congrats on the milestone & another 7 years (at least!) :-)

  6. Good for you.... 7 yrs....wow! and creative ideas to share. I don't think I could keep it up past a month. Thanks!!!!

  7. sending you many hugs and a big thank-you-SO-much for sharing and inspiring us over these past seven years!! it sounds like you've got a lot of fabulous things planned as you look towards the next seven! xox
    p.s. and thanks for the friday freebie! :))

  8. I just found your store and I've fallen totally in love. I want EVERYTHING! Congrats on seven years!!

  9. Thank you so much everyone! You're all making me smile real big. :)

  10. Yay Jann! Thank you for being the first one to post. :)

  11. Loved the card so much, I made 2. One is already in the mail:)

    1. I love them!! Understated and elegant. :)

  12. Happy blogversary! Thank you for sharing your work with us.

  13. Happy bloganniversary!!! 7 years is a long time! It's always a pleasure to read you and see your creations :)