lemons and such

I hope you forgive me if things are a bit slow on the tutorial/paper crafty side of things this week.

Our very dear next door neighbor passed away on Saturday and I just got back from her Memorial Service. She was 85 but full of wit, charm and gusto fit for a person half her age. Her passing was not a surprise but it doesn't diminish the sadness that we feel. We will miss her so much.

Fortunately we will have the flowers that you see above (photo taken in the early spring) that will always remind us of her. She's the one that gave us the bulbs that started our Amaryllis patch.

The symbolism/meaning of the Amaryllis is: pride, determination and radiant beauty.
So fitting because that describes her so well.

• • •

On top of that I was in a minor car accident on Sunday which left me with some back pain—still feeling it today. So there's that...

What is exciting?
- The kids will be out of school on Friday. We are SO ready for summer around here!
- My first nephew will be born at any minute now or at the latest will be here on Thursday. We can't wait to meet him!

So, like many things in life there are ups and then there are downs. Or in this case downs and then ups?

For now I have just drowned my sorrow in some crafty retail therapy—a sure sign that what I do is truly what brightens me up. How else could I explain that I'm happy that I have a new black ink pen (for Lori's LetterLab class!), some paper, Mod Podge and glue?!

Today is probably one of those days when I shouldn't be blogging. But oh well.

Have a beautiful afternoon!

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