day 4 - slide lock favor boxes

slide lock favor boxes

This is the complete set of boxes I alluded to yesterday. They are my new Slide Lock Favor boxes. The unique closure can be customized with any object you'd like to slide through.—a lollypop, small pencil... anything that will fit!

The red box is the last one I made and the one I like the most. It's so striking. I wish Martha Stewart Crafts made that red paper again. It's more of a red with a touch of orange—love it. The thickness of that paper is also excellent for this type of project, but sadly I'm down to my last few sheets.

These are now in the shop as SVG files and as PDFs!

slide lock favor boxes

So.. wow. Sorry for the late post but this has been one quick week! It's flying by—but so far so good.

See you tomorrow with something really cute!

[This is part of a my 26 days of making series.]
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As an aside, I'd like to add that I have registered these designs with the US Copyright Office—as I've been doing for all my recent work. Copyright infringement is a lesson I had to learn the hard way—so, now I'm really diligent about protecting my work. I wish I could share more...

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