day 3 - embossed invitation and card set [wip]

wip - invitation

I've started to experiment a bit with my new Lifestyle Crafts Letterpress, which I ordered just last week. Even my little C wanted to give it a try.

We made this card together for her best friend and I started on a simple idea for her birthday party invitations. I really like how the embossing gives it a little extra something.

I'll be printing out the information at the top and then working on the embossing and adding the strip of paper. The box you see off to one side is part of a new set of boxes I'll be showing you tomorrow.

The card in the bottom photo is what we'll probably use as a thank you card.

I hope my C likes the set. She does have particular tastes. Maybe she takes after someone...

• • •
This is part of a my 26 days of making series.


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