day 25 - mini dollhouse tutorial

day 25 - mini dollhouse

I didn't want to finish my 26 days without making the beds I promised little C—so here they are!

I made a new house (also her request—"We need another house for friends!"). The house is the same design, with added window frames and a punch of color on the door.

day 25 - mini dollhouse

She saw it this afternoon and literally squealed. The look on her face was all I needed as a thank you. She completely lit up.

And guess what?
You can make your own too. Today I have another download for you and it's here.
(PDF, DXF and SVG). Since I set up the PDF files on letter-sized paper the house will be a bit smaller than you see here.

day 25 - mini dollhouse

Little C set up the photo below.
"Take a picture! Take a picture!"
Ok! Ok!

day 25 - mini dollhouses

TIP - I forgot to mention something in the handout. The first house is much stronger because I cut and glued two houses one over the other (with Spray Mount before assembly). I completely forgot about that for the second one. The difference in strength is quite noticeable—so that may be something you consider doing.


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This is part of a my 26 days of making series.

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