day 16 - coaster tutorial update

day 16 - coaster tutorial update

I realize that the last thing you want is another coaster update but this is actually an important one. My coasters had their first real test yesterday and some of them didn't pass. I thought I had done a good enough test (prompted by your comment Jessie!) regarding the resistance to the effects of water condensation. It turns out that I hadn't.

The circle that forms when a glass is set down was marked on the coasters. The Mod Podge got a bit white and translucent. After they dried up they were ok again (maybe a slightly different opaque look to them) but I wasn't satisfied with that. I decided to hunt down a solution in the hardware store and I purchased clear spray paint, hoping it would work. I applied a generous coat to one of the tiles, and after it dried, I set a wet glass on on it for more than a couple of hours. The surface of the tile wasn't affected at all. So, the last step to the tile coaster tutorial is now added as step 4.

Now, I can move on to other things, with a lot of sketching and photography.

I'm really trying with the water—with lots, and lots of lemon added (no sugar)!

Happy Monday!

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This is part of a my 26 days of making series.

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