day 17 - new svg files for gift boxes


A bit late today but it still counts, right?

I'm really excited at how these all turned out. I've been working with the patterns that I created for the coasters and more ideas are in the works. I wish I just had more time! I really could go on and on with these sort of projects. My mind doesn't stop, so my sketch book is getting a work out.

The boxes are great for small gifts and when cut out in smaller sizes, they would work for jewelry. I'm not offering them as PDFs simply because I'm not sure that anyone would be interested in cutting these out by hand—but if you are, just order the SVG and email me to let me know that you prefer the PDF.

Here's a look at what the production line looked like on our kitchen table.

day 17 - production line

I'm saving the tops of the boxes to work on a large art piece which I'll reveal in a few days.

The SVG files for 9 different patterns are now available in my shop.

• • •

This is part of a my 26 days of making series.

day 17 - new pattern boxes

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