new work - eraser boards

I don't think I've ever mentioned this before but aside from paper there is another thing that I've always had this weird attraction to—office supplies. Pads, pencils, drawer organizers, pink erasers, wooden rulers, file folders—you name it I melt. If they look anything like Muji products or something more colorful, when I'm in the mood, then I'm in heaven. So, what to do when an eraser board looks so terribly boring? Design one yourself.

Below is my solution to write my 'must be done today' to-dos. If I see them in front of me they really get done. These are really sturdy and they can be hung or kept within reach on your desk.


Are you a paper/pencil, digital or eraser board to-do lister? I'm actually a little of each depending on what it's for. Paper/pencil is for right away or if I'm on the phone, digital (or online) for work and like I said eraser board is for 'musts'.

For now I have very limited stock of these two designs in my shop.


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