five years?

Really? I can't believe that I started this blog 5 years ago. It just doesn't seem like it was that long ago. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, that I'd last this long or what would happen once I started down this path. It's been very, very worth it.

The professional and personal rewards have been great—more like huge! You've seen me toot my horn with my successes (and you've graciously supported me) and I've had the great pleasure of meeting wonderful people. I'm so grateful for all of that.

What you haven't seen much of are the struggles. The biggest one is actually sitting in front of my computer to create a post and put the words together. Even after 60 months of writing, I still get waves of doubt when I hit the publish button. But, yes, it is getting easier. Some days I simply think that 'good enough' is perfect. I need to learn to give myself permission to have more of those days or better yet, to recognize that I'm not as bad as I think I am.

Creating projects for the blog is easy. Ok, not easy, easy but it's fun. Maybe that's why easy was the first word that came to mind. I like the challenge of coming up with something new and unexpected. It's like performing mental yoga or gymnastics. Love it.

five years

It still amazes me that these simple tools have given me so much. I left that stumpy pencil in the photo even though I was tempted to use a newer one because that's the one that one of the kids used for their homework the other day. They have been a part of this adventure and I need to fully acknowledge out loud how influential they are in my creative process. They really are quite inspiring to say the least. They also help me create a rhythm between my professional and family life. While I'm on the family subject I need to give my hubby a shout out too. Without his enormous gifts of patience and understanding all my crazy projects wouldn't exist. Any other guy that hears the phrase "Oh I have another idea!" as often as he does would've probably gone crazy by now.

I realize that I don't share much of our personal lives with you but I'm not really good at that and I don't really think that's why you visit, is it?

Speaking of which, why do you visit? That is a question that I wonder about every now and then. As much as this blog is for the exploration of my ideas, I hope that my intent of inspiring other projects and lighting other creative fires is working. That is my hope.

So, will there be another five years of this? I don't know but let's assume that is the case for now. What will I be looking back upon 5 years from now? We shall see.

I'm two weeks away from our family trip so I haven't had time to properly arrange a better giveaway. I do however have a one-of-kind eraser board (in photo below) that is not available in my shop right now. I'll be giving it away with a copy of my book and a set of block printed cards. To enter the giveaway just leave me a comment below. If you feel inclined to do so let me know what you'd like to see more of on the blog and any other thoughts of improvements that you have in mind. I'm all ears!

I will leave this post open for comments until Thursday at midnight and I'll announce the winner on Friday. Please make sure to leave me an email or some way to reach you.

Happy Wednesday!

anniversay giveaway


  1. congratulations! five years is a huge milestone. it's not easy to stick with something for that long. i've been a reader of yours for about four or five months, and i became a reader because i really love everything about this blog--your honesty, your projects, everything really is great. i applaud you for what you do!

    P.S. i would LOVE to win that giveaway prize.

    xo, Alicia

  2. Wow, five years is awesome! I love seeing all the projects you do and it helps me be more creative in my own life.

  3. Congratulations!!! 5 years is like another child huh? :)
    Why i visit your Blog, because i get inspired and blogs like yours "show me" that is possible to live by your dreams, to have a happy life doing what you love most ... etc :)

    Of course id love to have ur book!:D

  4. Happy 5 years to a successful blog!

    I have not been with you for all 5 but I do love it. It is one of my "top reads" on my blog list.

    Thanks for all that you share!

  5. Congratulations, Patricia! While this is certainly cause for celebration in your household, I feel that WE, your readers, benefit the most from your consistent and enlightening posts.

    I've been a satisfied subscriber for at least two years. Your clear and positively slanted writing, combined with superb photography and inspiring gems of professional advice and how-tos keep me coming back for more.

    You, your writing, your work, and your ideas inspire me, ground me, and motivate me to do what I do as well as I can.

    Thank you for five awesome years, and here's to AT LEAST five more! Hip! Hip!

  6. Wow... 5 years. That's quite an accomplishment. Congratulations.

    I love reading your blog. Your creativity is so inspiring. Keep up the great work!

  7. Yay for five years! I follow you more on Flickr, and then pop over from there, but the biggest reason for both of these things is that your work is just plain lovely.

    Congrats, and again, amazing work with the white board.

  8. Five years is a major milestone! Congratulations! I mostly sew and quilt and don't do paper projects, but I come here for inspiration and eye candy. :)

  9. happy 5 years patricia! i'm coming up on my 5 year blog anniversary this july and it's hard to believe! thanks for sharing your crafty life! i love seeing what you're up to. here to 5 more for both of us!

  10. Congrats! 5 years is definitely a reason to celebrate. I've stumbled upon your blog a few months ago and then clicked my way through until I've read it all. Your trees really managed to capture me and your blog inspired me to start paper cutting. I'd love to see more DIY projects like your tp roll ideas or junk mail art. Keep it going!


  11. Congratulations on five years!
    I love seeing your work because even though I rarely give myself time enough to let my creative side play these days, I have a need to feel a part of an art community.

  12. Congratulations! Your blog never fails to inspire me. As far as what I'd like to see... Just keep up the good work. It's perfect already!

  13. Congratulations on five years of blogging!

    I found your blog when you started putting up pictures of your red riding hood series and fell in love with the designs.

    I had just started trying my hand with some plain, white card-stock and loved some of the designs I saw you doing with only white paper.

    I still come by to be inspired and see what beautiful things you are up to.

  14. happy 5 year blogaversary!
    i love coming to visit your blog - your designs are always so crisp, clean, and fresh, an inspiration and a feast for the eyes!

  15. Congratulations on the 5-year milestone! I have followed your blog for several years. I really appreciate the simplicity of your work and as a graphic designer I know that simplicity is often quite difficult to achieve. Your book is on my Amazon wish list -- would love to win it!

  16. Congratulations. You're always an inspiration to me, and I love to read your blog.

  17. Happy 5 years! I sure hope there are 5 more.

    I love all the creative projects and classic products you offer. The day of the week marker board would really come in handy for me and help me not to waste so many post-its!

    Thanks for all your wonderful insight!
    Erin P.

  18. congrats on the 5 years. i've only recently started following your blog and i love your designs and how you get your kids involved in some of them. very inspiring to get my daughter to join me in my creative ventures. thank you for sharing all your creativity with the world. :)

  19. First of all congrats for your this wonderfull 5 years! Lets go for more 5. Im always inpired by the thing you show us and i keep coming here to see beautiful and creative things.


    Patricia from Brazil

  20. After reading all of the above comments, I'm finding it hard to say what I want to say!

    Yes, I LOVE your paper art (I fold books) and enjoy reading about that. Still, I love more the little peeks at your homelife, too. I spend a lot of my time juggling the same problems - work, children, self and art. It's nice to see how someone else juggles and comes out on top...

    So please feel free to share more about the personal/home life!

  21. Happy Anniversary!!!! I love your blog and I keep coming back to it because it's so "approachable" and your style is completely different than mine (meaning you have one, and I'm cluttered, cluttered, cluttered!). It's such a refreshing part of my day to read your posts. I always love to see tutorials - not because I make them, but because I love the process and it's so fun to see - so I would vote for more (print not video) tutorials! Looking forward to your next five years! xo (

  22. Congratulations! Five years is huge.

    I love visiting for your wonderful papercrafts and ideas.

    Thank you.

  23. I am not nearly as artistic as you, but I'm still inspired by you. I come because it's always a treat for my senses.

  24. My blog is also five this month and I have many of the same joys and qualms as you express. I always appreciate seeing you new, innovative ideas.

  25. Congrats on 5 years in Blogland! Hope you have many more to come!

    I like your ideas and work and would love if you share tips too.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. Congratulations of five years! thats awesome! I don't think I have ever commented, but love reading your blog and love your work and wonderful ideas!

    radiantreflections [@] xtra [dot] co [nz]

  27. Happy anniversary on your blog. I've been reading it for the past year and am always inspired by your work. I'm always amazed.

    Thanks for it all.


  28. Happy 5th Anniversary! I do love reading your blog.

  29. Congratulations! 5 years is a great achievement, you should be proud! I love your blog but I would love to see more tutorials or project ideas. And I've been eyeing your book for a while now so I would love to win! Thanks!

  30. Happy blog-versary. Thank you for allowing us to share this space with you. the reative life you live is so inspiring to me.

  31. 5 years already? Respect ):

  32. Wow happy Blog Birthday!
    I don't recall why I started visiting - perhaps because I saw a project listed once? Blogger block or post worry happens to everyone but hey, it's your blog, your life.

  33. Congratulations on making 5 years of beautiful posts.

    I think I visit because I love how many of your ideas are simplistic, yet stunning. I hope that one day I might get out a blade and start cutting up toilet paper tubes and produce something half as pretty.

  34. Happy blog-iversary!
    I love your paper projects though every thing you show us is inspiring.
    I think that your clean, simple art is very refreshing in a world that is so bold, bright and over-the-top.

  35. You definitely inspire new projects! Because of you, I have recently promoted my Xacto knife to tasks more complicated than straight lines. It's been a long time since my Xacto has had the opportunity to be creative, and he's really enjoying it. I'll post pictures soon.

    Thank you!

  36. Congrats on 5 years, the new white boards and congrats on taking some time for your self. I'm inspired by seeing how you can be so successful and still take time for YOU and focus on what's important.

    I love visiting your blog...keep inspiring me!


  37. what a great milestone!
    congrats patricia !
    so glad to have met you out here in internet land - and thank you for always inspiring!

  38. happy 5 years! congratulations, such an impressive milestone. :D i love just seeing the things that inspire you, and how they influence the final products. here's to five more years!

  39. Oh, how lovely of you!
    Congrats on five years :)

  40. Congratulations! How exciting! I love to visit your blog to see all the fun, creative and inventive things you create! I would SO love to win your book!!

  41. Congrats on #5!!! I've enjoyed seeing your process and creations for probably about a year now. Amazing how time flies, isn't it?

  42. Congrats on your milestone, Patricia! Nice to reflect on where you've been and how that informs were you're going. I enjoy your projects, your pics and your descriptions. You have such a clean style, and that's a nice reminder to someone like me that it's okay to pull back and work with a little less. Keep up the great work!

  43. enhorabuena !!
    i love your blog because it's full of 'simple' (once you've done it it seems simple !) ideas with paper wich i love for being so inexpensive, so easy to find, so simple to manage...
    i love your vision of esthetics, in wich 'less is more' !

  44. happy anniversary! 5 years is very impressive and i must say i adore your blog and following you on twitter.

    thank you for the chance!

  45. I think to have managed five years of blogging and still be commanding more than one or two comments on each post is clearly a measure that your readership enjoy what you do! I think that as long as you can keep producing posts with content as interesting as yours then you shouldn't change a thing.

    Congratulations on your five year anniversary - here's to the next five! x

  46. Congrats on 5 years!

    I love visiting your blog & really appreciate the tutorials & of course, more of those would be lovely :)

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

  47. Happy Blog Birthday!
    I can't fathom a five year online presence... well done!
    Why do I visit?... (gr8 question, btw)
    Your blog is always visually fresh and beautiful; You're very generous in sharing your projects and skills with us; I'm often inspired by this to 'have-a-go' myself; You have a wonderful 'voice' or writing style - open, unguarded and generous. All-in-all, your blog is a wonderful 'place' to relax and be inspired.
    Thanks for all you time and hard work (&ur giveaway!) ;]

  48. Patricia,
    Congrats on your five years!
    I like your blog, your creative ideas are elegant, not complex and modern.
    I enjoy your tutorials and I'd like you to add some more about the basics; papers quality, tools,etc,etc.
    Thanks for the giveaway,
    Gloria xx

  49. Congrats to 5! Why do I subscribe? Love your style. It's unique and refreshing. Tutorials are great. I also love seeing your process, from idea to end result. What brought you to what we see in front of us. Art with artist spoken perspective is lovely.

  50. I am also a mom and a graphic designer and I'm trying to fit in time for my own paper crafting and maybe someday sewing. I think that feeding my own creativity in the last six months has improved my graphic design work.

    Thank you for the inspiration and the ideas. The book has been on my wish list for months, too...


  51. happy 5! =)
    (is it a concidence that you put 5 tools in the picture too?)

    tnx for the giveaway, still in time to enter i hope

    hugs from brazil!

  52. Wow, I didn't know you had a book-how did i miss that?! Must get my crafty paws on a copy. I love little hut- great job. Am now off to locate book in Aus, just in case I don't win the prize.

  53. I have been following your work for a while now and you always surprise me! Love everything!

    Bello todo! de verdad.

  54. I think I originally discovered your blog from a link on Design Sponge (or maybe Craft) and I've enjoyed following you on your various projects.

    I enjoy most your posts about getting where you are going creatively. You know, like here's where I started with this project but now here's where I ended up. You work is beautiful to look at but it feels so much more accessible when we see a bit of what it took to get there.

    I also really enjoy your activities with your kids. Makes us remember that you create in the real world and not an ivory tower.

    Congratulations on 5 years!

  55. Congratulations! I love this blog! Although I've only followed it for about a year I know whenever I need a project where to come!
    I hope I'm not too late and Thanks!

  56. huzzah! Thanks for the five years of projects and stories.

  57. Wow, five years! I love your blog because your design aesthetic is so simple and pure, which I totally appreciate even if I'm nowhere near as handy with a pencil and x-acto as you. Thanks for sharing little bits of your life here, I really do enjoy it. And congratulations!

  58. I read your blog because it is great inspiration for me. My love of paper crafts of all kinds led me here. Yay for 5 years.

  59. felicidades!! 5 years of blogging is an accomplishment - you should be proud of what you have shared and how you have inspired us all!!

    I love reading your blog for your fresh and simple creativity, but I also love reading about how you are such a good mom :) your balance between your family and your work is such an inspiration to me as we consider starting a family soon.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the blog world!!

    If I win (which I hope I do!) you can contact me at marsbars8412 @ gmail . com

  60. Patricia, you've really been an inspiration to me to go out and pursue something I love even if I'm not well versed in it. Learning is growing. And even though it may seem scary, if one loves it, one will succeed. Congratulations on persevering and your success. Be encouraged to keep thinking BIG! :)

  61. Happy anniversary!Your blog is so inspiring. Have a fabulous summer!(I'm a teacher -- my school isn't out for another full month!)

  62. Congratulations! I love your projects. I've been wanting a copy of your book too, so this is perfect!

    rachaelclayson at gmail

  63. Congratulations on five years of creativity and inspiration! :-)