need to burn some calories...

After a weekend of tossing all intents for eating healthy out the window. But it was so worth it! We had a great weekend and my family spoiled me rotten.


The only issue I had was figuring out what to wear for dinner on Saturday. I don't know what's going on but lately I'm getting really picky about my clothing tastes. I ended up with a pencil skirt (gotta love basics) and a blouse that was ok but not wow. Where are the Audrey Hepburnish designers within a normal budget range!? I'd run to them in a heart beat.

Enough about me. Here are the latest samples of my artsy kiddos, who asked if I could feature them here. Sure! I'm going to frame all of these.

Hers... She says this is me.

her art - supposed to be me

A close up of her version of blue bonnets.

her art - blue bonnets

His... Love this use of layered cardboard. The kids in the class were following an artist's work (D doesn't remember the name) that used particularly large eyes.

his art


  1. I love the cardboard face... it reminds me of those flat jointed card puppets - I can imagine pulling a string and the eyes going up and down!!

  2. The cardboard face is amazing!! it looks like an adult's work. I love it.

  3. These are so great! So glad you had such an awesome weekend!

  4. Your children are great artists! It must come from their mother... ;-)

  5. The cardboard art, it looks amazingly like the type of illustration Von does, especially when he's doodling. It made me double-take!

  6. It's funny that you say that Jeope because I thought the same exact thing.