lessons of the day

Lesson one:
Step away more often. Sometimes all you need is some paint and brushes to have a great time. I just got back from the kids' school because I was helping out with 'Fun Day' at the face painting station. I painted many pudgy cheeks of kids ages 7 to 12. They were all so sweet and fun. They wanted beards, mustaches, butterflies, owls, snakes, fish, octopuses (mine look horrible!), flowers, hearts, etc. No one cried so I guess I did a decent job. For those of you that don't know brushes and paint are not really my forte.

Lesson two:
Remember that my kids are always so happy to see me helping out at school. They knew I was going to be there but as soon as they made it to where I was at, their little faces just lit up and were all smiles.

Lesson three:
Remember to take your camera out to record the event. I was so busy that I totally forgot to pull it out! Waah!

Lesson four:
Have a gratuitous photo handy to fill in for not coming through with lesson three. I don't know about you but I need some visuals.


Lesson five:
Be prepared and just relax. Tomorrow is the last day of school. Let the summer begin!

PS - Thank you, thank you to all of you that have left me the kindest messages in my previous post. I've read them all and they're the best anniversary gift ever. Thank you!

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