dollar store table setting

Here are is an idea for using red and white paper decorations to match the ornaments I posted earlier this week. It's a project that I worked on several weeks ago. Since it never made its final destination I've decided to share it here with you.

Place card holder - Use the curly top of the ting ting stem as a place card holder. The card itself is a simple circle made with two different sizes of paper punches.

Votives - Cut the remaining part of the ting ting branch into pieces that are as tall as the glass votives and tape them (1" apart) to the back of a strip of red paper. Wrap the whole thing around votives that have been covered in tissue paper.

The tissue paper, red paper and and the dry ting ting were all dollar store purchases—a total of $3 in decorations for a table of 12. Add a few scattered snowflake covered hurricanes that I showed you yesterday and your table is set!

How's that for decorating on a budget?

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Wow that is so elegant! And costs next to nothing. I love it.

  2. Simple, but pretty! I like it :)

  3. You truly amaze me! I remember following your blog so long ago when you were just beginning. It is so fun to see all that you have achieved! Best wishes from Morocco!

  4. So clean and modern. I love it! I'll have to forward this to my cousin who occasionally does catering. I'd bet it would really help spruce up the biodegradable plates she uses.

  5. In my morning web-surfing, I just found another post that seems to go with this pretty well. I linked to you from her, but thought I'd give you her link too...

    I love the internet. Isn't just a happy little web.

  6. so simple and so stylish