going green with yolanda green

Last week, somehow and in the middle of everything going on, I managed to record a short segment for Houston's Going Green with Yolanda Green. I worked on my yarn gift tags and teardrop holiday ornaments.


Since our house was still in the middle of remodeling, we used my parent's home as our setting. The painting & pictures that are visible on the walls are some of my brother's work.

Less than 12 hours after shooting this video I was completely voiceless (laryngitis) and feeling like a truck had plowed over me. I still had to deal with the last week of school activities, walk through at the house, checking out of the hotel, delivering orders from my shop (yep I dragged all that to the hotel), etc, etc.

Home, sweet home!! Last night we finally got to spend our first night home after a couple of weeks of hotel living. Needless to say we are beyond thrilled to be back. My bed never felt cozier. However, nobody warned me about all the clean up work that comes after the fact—holy moly! I don't think I've ever cleaned up so much dust in my entire life. Even the dishes in the closed cupboards are going to have to be washed. On the bright side of things we're happy to be here in time for Christmas and the house does look so much better now.

Tonight I will be catching my breath and relaxing with a cup of tea and watching Love Actually.


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