helping out

I'm sure many of you have read about Stephanie and Christian Nielson and the terrible plane crash they were in. What a heartbreaking story. They have such a beautiful family. If you haven't please read about it here. I found out about this a few days ago but I've been so busy that I hadn't had a chance to really post about it. Designmom posted an enormous list today of all the fundraising that is going on on their behalf. In my small way I hope to contribute too.

This week I don't have time to make anything new so I will be auctioning off a piece that I was hoping to keep for myself. It's my last 'Into the Woods' piece. The illustration itself is 4" x 6" and the entire piece has a two inch border (not completely shown in the image) which makes it an 8" x 10" piece.

I've never done an auction before so here are my rules. Hope it works out. Here's what we'll do:

1 - Please place your bid by leaving a comment with your bid amount in the comments section. Make sure it is higher than the previous bid and only in whole dollars.

2 - At the close of the auction (Sept. 1st), I will contact the winner. The winner will pay the amount of their winning bid to the Stephanie and Christian PayPal account. The winner will then forward the PayPal receipt to me and I'll send the artwork to them.

3 - The auction will end at noon PST on Monday, September 1, 2008.

Thank you!


  1. $30 sarahblackstock(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. 50!

  3. $100
    Thanks Patricia!
    xo Corinne

  4. $125. I love this. And, that you are doing it for Nie. Laura

  5. 128.00 So Lovely and for a good cause.

  6. I had no idea that the bidding would go so high! I am SO very happy that it did and thank all of you for your generosity. I'm sure any little bit will help the Nielson family.

    The bidding is now closed and Laura is the generous winner of my illustration.

    Thanks again to all of you that participated! :)

  7. Oh my gosh this is so gorgeous! Great work

  8. Hi Patricia! I'm Lara and I'm italian, I love your works! and this one is just amazing! I love handmade work and I use a lot of felt, I tried to do this image on my diary, hope you like it!