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Thank you so much to those of you that responded yesterday! I've decided to post the my response to your comments here and in the comments section from yesterday. I don't want you to think that I didn't read every single one of your ideas. So here's my response to your input:

WOW!! Thank you so much everyone for your great comments and ideas. You've helped me more than you know.

To clarify again (I edited the original post as well): My idea has nothing to do with any new service Spoonflower is offering. It is something I would do from my end. A customer would purchase the rights to reproduce one of my designs through Spoonflower and SF would only produce the fabric. There would be no contract with SF at all.

As far as I what I've decided to do... I'm still unsure on how to proceed with this fabric/pattern idea simply because I'm so new to this. What I do know for certain (after the food for thought you gave me with your comments) is that I will only be selling fabric directly through my shop or through a second party fabric shop, if I get that far (probably way down the road).

Yes, I agree with many of you. There are instances where jumping right in and going for it is appropriate. I've done it on other occasions. In this case, my concerns over maintaining the quality and standards of my work are greater than my desire to get my name 'out there' or to earn some quick money. I guess I just really needed to hear some feedback to really cement and sort out my thoughts on the subject. Like I said before, your comments really helped me.

Basically, I have more research to do. I will continue to work on my pattern collection and will seriously look into how to get the fabric produced. I will definitely keep you posted and thanks again for all your help! You've been great!

One thing that I forgot to add was that there one phrase that stood out from all your great input. It's the one that the very talented Michelle made. At the end of her comment she said that everything depended on how dear the prints are to me. That did it. I mess with my patterns a lot. I'm tweaking them all the time. It definitely isn't a casual thing. So yes, my work is very dear to me and even though it should've been obvious from the beginning I'm pretty clear on the fact that giving away the control of it isn't an option.

Thanks again everyone! I'm very grateful for your help. And by the way if any of you that are just reading this would like to participate in giveaway just reply in the previous post and I'll include you. Since I've already cleared up my question maybe tell me a little about what you like to sew (if you do) or what are your favorite color schemes for fabric collections. How's that? I'll take comments until Sunday night (but be sure to post your comment in yesterday's post!!)

Have a great day and stayed tuned for Monday's winner!

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