thinking ahead

I've added a little bench to keep my trees some company. A comment that Jen made on this photo on flickr gave me the idea to gradually add more pieces and make a wintery scene for Christmas. Yes, I said Christmas!

The little bird house is something I tried adding to the trees the other day but I didn't get it to work so it's just hanging out on its own.


  1. lovely 3Ds. I like the way the shadows fall. very Christmasy indeed.

  2. You are so darn talented with paper and scissors!!! And so much other stuff too!

  3. Gorgeous! Maybe a little person in a scarf reading a book on the bench?

  4. hi, it's my first visit to your site but i was so overwhelmed by your talent, i just had to come right out and tell you. i absolutely love your paper sculptures. you're so talented! i wouldn't even know where to begin to fashion a bench out of paper. your children are so lucky!

  5. Thank you everyone! :)
    Annie - that's a great idea! You've given me a new challenge... thanks!

  6. Please, can you email me the template for your tree and garden design. It is fantastic, I would like to use it at School with my Graphic Design Students, they will love it.



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