I'm in the midst of several design projects but my hands still need a little exercise. ;)

Speaking of exercise this weekend I started training for the January 2008 Houston half-marathon. I ran that race in January 2006 and my husband ran it this year. We've decided it's time for us to run it together. He started training diligently but I'm two weeks behind. Wish me luck!

Thanks again for all the lovely emails that I received requesting my tree templates. I lost count of how many I emailed. Some of the trees will be used for a couple of fall weddings, a bird themed baby shower, to decorate a dreary college dorm room and for a camping trip activity among others. I'm also making a set for an interior decorator for one of her rooms. How fun is that?! :)


  1. No you didn't! I love it. And I'm impressed by the half marathon. My mother, father and brother have all been dedicated runners at some point in their lives. I am a sloth by comparison - I have no drive for exercise. Zero. Zilch. Nothing. :)

  2. The shirt on the hanger is great! How did you do the hanger?

    Happy training for the run!!

  3. Thanks Laurie! Don't be fooled though. I should have included the fact that this is by no means easy for me. I'm not really that much of an athlete either! ;)

    Thanks Rachel! I used what I believe is called florist wire. The white kind.

  4. beautiful as ever! I love your little paper creations! The trees are so charming and I love the reasons that people gave for using your template.
    Good luck to you with your running, it's more about mental discipline than anything. I need to get back into running, too.

  5. Yet another amazing bit of paper! I love the little coathanger. Good luck with the training.

  6. I'm from Houston, grew up east of town and lived down south by NASA until the Army moved us to Georgia. I love it and miss home. Good luck with the 1/2 marathon, my daughter's godfather runs that one and the Conoco/Philips Marathon every year. I'm impressed with people who can run like that.

  7. How cute! Good luck with the marathon.


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