recycling project no. 2 - bottle caps

This is a little project that I thought of to work with the kids. After coming up with the junk mail art project I thought it would be fun to do a series of recycling projects. I figure they'll be fun to do with the kids during the summer. I bought three frames and I'll be rotating out what we work on as we do it.

These abstract pieces are made using water bottle caps, acrylic paint and glue. That's it. Very simple. Little C picked the colors for the colored versions. She picked colors that she likes (guess which ones?! - she's so into pink!) and she picked the ones that she thought D would like. D decided he wasn't in the mood for an artsy project.

All I told little C was to paint the caps with the colors she chose and she glued them on the piece of paper I gave her.

Here I just glued the caps as is to white paper.

I framed the pieces and voilá our empty wall has some art.

I think some interesting variations to this would be to spray paint the caps and the background with any color chosen. Even larger covers (like from jam or mayonnaise bottles) can be used for something this. I also tried using a punch hole to cut magazines spreads and placing the circles on the bottom of the caps. That's ok but it doesn't create as much impact as the paint.


  1. These are amazing ideas. I am linkin gto your site right now!

    I love it!!!!

  2. this is going to seem totally odd, but when i saw the bottle caps it reminded me of when i was a kid, i would pull the little rubbery plastic insert things from inside 2 liter soda bottle caps and would use them as plates for dolls i made. water bottles don't have em, though.

    i really love your work. the textures are just lovely and i adore seeing artists further using "garbage" to make treasures.