Illustration Friday - Wind

This illustration is completely done using the vector shapes provided by the Vormator challenge. I used 4 out of the 8 shapes you are allowed to use. When I first read the rules of the challenge I thought that it would be very limiting but I found that the adding/subtracting of the shapes really gave me everything I needed. It was fun to come up with something within the constraints provided. The bird? I don't know what kind of bird he is. He's just a happy accident that I chose to keep.

So here we go...

Nicole at freshly {blended} and Kathleen at cake+pie have organized a fun ornament swap that I've joined. If you'd like more details click here for more info. I already have ideas churning in my head. We'll see what I come up with. Exciting!

Sorry for the absence. I have what I guess would amount to sinusitis that is just a killer. You know the type where you feel like someone is stepping on your face? Yeah, fun. Hopefully I'll be up to par next week. Have a great weekend everyone!

Taking it easy for a bit

Thank you to Mixed Plate for featuring A Little Hut yesterday!
I'm still under the weather so no real work going on here. I had a little time last night and worked on the Vormator design challenge that I found out about. You can only use 8 shapes that are provided. For my quick illustration I used only 4. If you'd like to find out more about it click here.

On a roll!

Adorn Magazine featured Crafty Synergy on their blog on Friday! :) Thank you! Short and sweet today...too tired...under the weather...

A Little Hut is on Modish!

A Little Hut's little witch card has been featured on Modish! Modish is a great blog that features the best of the non-mass-produced creations out there. Thank you Jena!! :)

Experiment - done!

So here are the results of me combining a little bit of embroidery and a block print. I'm no embroidery expert by any means so I'm really happy with the way this turned out. This gives me an incentive to try something a little more involved. I think this project was a lot of fun because I really didn't plan it much. The idea popped into my head and I just went for it. When I do the oppposite (trying too hard) things just don't work out.

BTW I just posted a very cool interview with Lisa Congdon over at Crafty Synergy.

Oh...and lately I'm addicted to this!!! Addicted I tell you.

Experiment - Part One

I've been away for a few days haven't I? Family, work and other things got in the way of blogging once again. C'est la vie.

I've been itching to tackle an idea I had the other day and I finally got started on it this morning. I want to see what the combination of a block print and embroidery looks like. For this project I'm going to be using a block print that was originally going to be used for one of my cards and was never included because I wasn't crazy about it. I think I can make it look a little more interesting with thread. We'll see if that's true. The fabric (if you can call it that) is actually a flour sack that I found at the grocery store one day. I bought it because I had this crazy idea of making puppets with them for the kids. Don't ask me why I even thought of that because I have no clue myself! It was the epitome of an impulse purchase.

Here are the shots of the process I have so far. I'm waiting for the ink to dry...

Rare Bird Finds

The lovely ladies at Rare Bird Finds have been nice enough to feature A Little Hut on their blog today! Thank you! You can check out what they said here.

This is also a great opportunity to mention that A Little Hut is a prize contributor for the first Rare Robin Awards. Please vote for A Little Hut under the Pretty Paper category! Vote and check out all the lovely things you can win by participating!

What a little bit of color can do

Here's a little project I did with my 3yr old. We have a beat up table that the kids use for coloring as you saw here. I've been meaning to do something to it and today was the day. We used acrylic paints and tape. I didn't want it to look slick and perfectly painted so I love that you can see all our brush strokes. My little helper was soooo excited to be painting on furniture! I hope she doesn't think that's allowed elsewhere!

Thank you to all of you that have shown A Little Hut so much support! I've received encouraging feedback regarding the site and I had my first sale already! Thank you - you know who!! :)

A Little Hut is open!

A Little Hut is finally open! Yeah! I can't believe it! There are still a few cards missing and I will be updating through out the following week but at least I'm finally online. It's amazing how many things have come up to prevent this from happening sooner. We've been pretty busy on the Zapata Design side of things. I'm very happy and hope that everyone enjoys my work. If you happen to see any glaring mistakes please let me know! ;)