harvesting and trimming

Typically I write the title of my posts after I've written the whole thing. Today I started the other way around—and I seriously didn't intend for it to have double meaning, but it does. You'll see why in a minute.

Harvest Time and Trimming the Tree are the latest in what I foresee will be a series of gift boxes/cake toppers/occasional tea-light holder projects that are coming. I have a list (that keeps getting longer every day!) of the ones that I want to make. If it weren't because they involve a lot of planning, math and testing I'd be producing them much sooner. I don't know why but they are SO FUN to make. I'm completely hooked! Like the type of hooked that gets me in trouble in the afternoons when I realize that I have no idea what we'll be eating for dinner. My hope is that you find these projects just as fun to make—minus the dinner planning amnesia!

Some of you may have seen the Harvest Time sneak peeks I posted on Instagram, but no one has seen the Christmas themed project. 

I could've died of delight when I figured out how to make the corn stalks. I was clapping like a little kid (I know I'm such a paper weirdo sometimes!). You know I like simple right? But that doesn't mean you have to keep it this way. I design pieces that I think can stand on their own but I also like to leave a little room for your personal input. I envision you adding little farm animals or flowers and such. Make it your own. I'd love to see this used for a farm themed birthday party. Wouldn't the scene look cute on top of the cake? You won't have a problem finding matching fabric down the road because it's coming to Spoonflower soon. Here's a peek I posted the other day!

And now onto Christmas...
I for one can't believe that I'm already seeing ornaments in stores (too soon!). But crafting is different—or at least that's my excuse. I wanted to make this in July so badly (just as I posted the Nutcraker last year) but with everything that was going on and preparing for our vacation it simply was impossible. So here we are having Christmas in August.

At first this was going to be a simple tree over the box (and it still can be if you don't want to use the other elements—or you can use the tree in several sizes for your mantle), but a simple comment from my little C changed the direction. I was going for modern and simple but she said: "What about a ladder to pretend someone is decorating the tree?"—I loved the idea immediately. I realize that tree isn't really a traditional one but I think it really gives the piece more life and an added twist.

So back to the talk about double meaning... 
I have been getting some fruitful results from my incursion into licensing (harvesting!). Nothing I can share just yet but I will in time. I just had to share that. I'm praying more things will follow.

The trimming part you may not like so much. I will no longer be offering weekly freebies. I obviously like to share my ideas but I started feeling like I wanted more direction and a true purpose with the designs. So, now I'll be offering a monthly freebie at the beginning of every month. It will be a monthly calendar and I can't wait to show you what I have in mind. I think it will be a great way to give you something fun and more useful. So hang in there and thank you for understanding!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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