a nutcracker in july!

nutcracker gift set

Before I disappear for a few days I got the crazy idea that I needed to work on a Christmas project—of all things! So here it is... a Nutcracker Gift Set. The base of the nutcracker is a matchbox where a gift card or candy are easy to slip in.

I had sooo much fun with this project (I know... I do say that almost about everything I do... but it's always true). It felt like a geometry (the only part of math I enjoyed in school) and paper crafting party for one. You get to enjoy the latter on your own or with friends.
It's a deceptively simple project to make—seriously. Just stay organized with your cut paper and the PDF instructions that are included should help you with the rest. I've also included a nutcracker tag and card with the set.

My little C is already requesting a girl Nutcracker! Any other requests from you?

nutcracker gift set

To order this set simply visit my shop here. There are other graphics that I've quietly added in the last few days so you may want to check out the New section of the shop too.
FYI - This project is going to be an ALH exclusive and will not be sold in any other 3rd party shop.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Patricia, this is simply stunning! I love it and am anxiously waiting to see if it appears in the Silhouette store! Tell me its so! :-) (I'm on the east coast, so I have to wait for them to open, since they are in Utah.)

    1. Thanks Barbara! :) - I hate to tell you this but I will not be posting this in the Silhouette store. Like I said it's going to be an ALH exclusive.

  2. Boy, I sure wish you sold cut kits of some of your projects. I don't have a Silhouette machine so I just cry everytime I see your offerings. Lovelove this nutcracker!

  3. What a wonderful project! I have a thing for soldiers / nutcrackers and have made Pringles cans and mailing tubes over in their image. How great to have this guy available now!