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The kids started school last week and the days just flew by. I didn't expect that (you'd think I'd know better by now!!) but here I am trying to get back into our school routine. I do miss the kids terribly but it does feel good to be on schedule again.

I have a couple of things to show you!

Fancy Petals - I love these flowers because they are a bit deceptive. They look like all my others in the sense that they are made up a couple of layers. But they are completely 3D. The base is a cone shape that is very simple to assemble. If you cut off a tiny bit of the center you can thread flower wire through the wire and you'll have a flower ready to fit into a vase or arrangement.

The flowers are now available in the shop!

And here is a little something that I mistakenly said I was going to post yesterday (read my calendar wrong!)—it's the September freebie!

If you're a long-time reader (thank you!) you may recognize this calendar format—a long time favorite of mine. I've always wanted to go back to it and keep adding ideas. So that's where I got this from. It's is just a fun project to do and it's very simple to put together.

Tip! Leave the center empty so that your wall color shows through or add a favorite photo to make it appear framed.

Note... This uses the print and cut capability of the Silhouette. If you don't know how to use it please make reference to online tutorials that can be found in several places. I honestly don't have time to work on a tutorial myself (my workload is crazy right now). If you'd like to cut this by hand a PDF is included for that purpose.

You can download the freebie here—it will only be available during until the last week of September.

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