SVG files for gift boxes

Yes, you've seen these before. But this is the first time they are not cut out by my own two little hands. I finally decided it was time to explore the world of digital machine cutting a bit more. I still love and will continue to work on handmade pieces, but this offers another option for those of you that are technically ready for something much less time consuming.

My Gift boxes, Halloween boxes, Baby boxes, Holidays boxes and Let's Go boxes are all now available as SVG files that are compatible with the Sure Cuts A Lot software. More box designs as well as other 3D designs are in the works.

new svg files

I've been asked many times if my boxes can be made any bigger and my answer has always been that the only way to do that with a PDF, is to photo copy it at a larger size. With the SVG files all you need to do is re-size and you're done.

I've always wanted to share these with the kids' classmates but cutting out so many boxes by hand seemed impractical (and who has the time?)—maybe this year I'll finally be able to do it!

For those of you that are still counting on the PDFs they will always be included in each set.

Important note: My designs continue to be sold for personal use only. NO reselling or sharing of files is permitted.

new svg files

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