the basics - making the mark

the basics - making the mark

When it comes to my work I'm a bit of a perfectionist so measuring is immensely important to do accurately. Cutting exactly where I want to cut is just as important. This is why even though today's TB tip is a very simple idea it's one that I use all the time.

When cutting out simple shapes that have straight edges I rarely use a pencil to mark measurements—unless it's a complicated shape. I use the tip of my Xacto to mark the paper where I need to cut. Once my marks are all made and I'm about to make the first cut, I like the feel of the tip of my Xacto sliding right into the first mark. At this point is where I slide my ruler up against the blade.

All set to cut!

the basics - making the mark

When I do need to use a pencil I use a mechanical pencil because the markings are crisper (hence more accurate measurements for cutting and/or folding).

Looking at the photo I used for today's post reminds me of the fact that I don't own a T-square. For some reason I never felt quite comfortable using one. Since we all know old habits die hard, my guess I will never own one. Do any of you use one regularly?

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