how I see color

I took some random photos that I will be adding to my 'inspiration folder' and in this case they all deal with color.

Color can get complicated (which one to pick) or really simple when it's staring you right in the face and it resonates. I'd have to say that the objects that are around me give me the quickest color ideas. Yes, I use books and the internet as other sources of inspiration but light bulb moments tend to go off as I'm mixing ingredients for a recipe, arranging the laundry or out and about with the family. It's in the everyday that I find my best color concepts.

If you want more of a bullet point explanation, here are a few ways in which I find an interesting color combination or a variation of one specific color. It occurs when...

- One object has a pleasing palette all within itself.


- A group of objects create a coordinating palette.


- A combination of texture and lighting offer a variety of colors in the same family.


- Lighting alone reveals a variety of tones of one color.


It's strange to write about color so clinically. The reality is that I work with color in a more intuitive fashion. I think we all do. It's just a matter of keeping our eyes open.

Where do you find your inspiration for color?

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Friday Tidbits
There are so many sites that I could point out for color inspiration but to keep things manageable I'll only mention a couple of my favorites, one with a focus on design and the other more on the crafty side of things.

- Grain edit - Talk about eye candy! Color is just one tip of the iceberg. Illustration, design and creativity are all widely and well represented.

- Inchmark - Designer Brooke Reynolds has color (and so many other creative endeavors) down pat. Her blog is beautiful and she has wonderful projects and ideas.

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Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

PS - Spain or the Netherlands? It's going to be an awesome game to watch. We are avid fans!

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