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What a week!

Aside from the fact that our nine month old water heater needs to be replaced and that this detail wasn't discovered until Mr. Z came home and smelled the house was full of gas (ahhh that's why I had a pounding headache all day!) and other work related stuff, yesterday we lost our dog.

After an hour of looking for our little guy, in the pouring rain, I decided to make some 'lost dog' signs and the graphic designer in me kicked in.

As soon as I sat in front of the computer, I had flashbacks of the thoughts that run through my mind whenever I see other people's efforts. I always think of ways to improve them, in the nicest, non-snobby designer way.
- Don't use fancy fonts (clear is more important than fancy)
- The phone number should be larger (I've seen them itty-bitty many times)
- Replace the ink in the printer or use a photo that has more contrast. A dark box doesn't help much.
- If handmade and written use a very thick marker.

I whipped up some quick signs, we drove around hanging them in visible places and they did the trick. After 3 hrs. of going through awful scenarios of what we'd do without our Otto (who looks just like the second one here), we found him in the care of a lovely (and unknown until yesterday) neighbor. Phew.

In less dramatic and happier graphic design news...

One of my logos was selected to be included in the LogoLounge Master Library Series (Vol. 3) Shapes & Symbols. It's the third time my work makes into one of their books and I'm so very flattered to be included. Thank you LogoLounge!

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