an apology

Today was the day I was supposed to debut my new zine. I'm seriously disappointed and embarrassed that it didn't come to fruition. Everything was going along smoothly until my deadlines derailed me. I was completely overwhelmed and the zine paid the price.

I'm beating myself up for missing my self-imposed deadline but it just couldn't be helped. The thing that makes feel even worse is letting everyone else down: the artists I was to feature, those of you that answered my zine question, those of you that didn't but would've read it all anyway and the ladies that were willing to place their ads in the first issue. Yes, the ads were free but that doesn't make me feel any better. I truly appreciate the fact that they were all taking a leap of faith with my project and I let them down. Please take a few moments to visit and support some of the talented women that were willing to back me up.

Daisy Janie and Perideau Designs

Fin+Roe and Cottage Industrialist

City of Dionne and River Dog Prints

Sixth & Elm and Chalk Hill Studio

The interviews are still coming in due time and one at a time. The zine, at least for now, will have to sit on the shelf. I just have to do that to stay sane. I hope you all understand.

Now, back to my coffee and my slice of humble pie.

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