paper + embroidery

Being busy doesn't necessarily mean my mind doesn't wander off every now and then. In fact, mental breaks, are one of the things that keep me going. I've had the idea of attempting to embroider on paper for quite some time. Yesterday, while the kids where having fun at a neighbor's house, I enjoyed working on this small piece.

The paper embroidery examples I've seen so far are either geometric or illustrative. I wanted to try something a bit more organic and abstract. I hope to be able to finish this so it's suitable for framing (I already have the spot for it) but I've also decided that I'm going to take my sweet time with it.

Friday Tidbits (haven't done these in a while!!)
These are two links that I posted on twitter but I think they're worthy of mentioning here:
- Beautiful paper trees by Yuken Teruya (via a kind email message)
- Wonderful paper work by Benja Harney - site and flickr (via InsideOut - another great place to visit)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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