checking in

How is it that deadlines always seem to accumulate into one big pile? I'm in the middle of sorting out my pile this week. Between project deadlines, all sorts of other things and being with the kids it's a wonder my mind is still running fluidly. I'm going down the list and tackling one thing at a time. The only thing I can do, right?

During a break I forced upon myself, I decided to take the kids to the Museum of Fine Arts. They were upset with me because I didn't take them to the pool (like we haven't already been there dozens of times) but I told them a change of scenery would be fun. They didn't believe me. But once we got there and started walking around the exhibits (and walked through the cool underground tunnel above), D turned to me and said that my field trip idea was the best ever. Does a Mom know her kids or what?

I've got to get back to the grindstone but I wanted to let you know I hadn't fallen (or jumped) off of any cliff! See you soon.

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