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As I was driving home yesterday, the kids fell asleep and I listened to a fair amount of music and a few podcasts. Diane's latest podcast (awesome as always), titled "Why do you make stuff?", left me thinking about how I'd answer the question. I decided that writing a list about it was in order.

I make stuff because:
  • I have to. The digital world is awesome but I need more. I need the tangible.
  • It keeps my creativity, mind and deameanor balanced.
  • It gets ideas out of my head. I think I'd explode otherwise.
  • I like to see if my ideas will really work.
  • I love the process (almost more than the results).
  • Problem solving is awesome and/or frustrating but still very interesting.
  • It gets me away from the computer.
  • Surprises are always around the corner. I start with one thing and I may end up with something else.
  • I like the mental challenge of coming up with ways that test the limitations of a medium or material.
  • When I do it with family or friends, I always have a memorable time.
  • Regardless of what I make (good or bad), I always learn something new.
  • I relish improving store bought items.
  • It gives me an excuse for a quick break from 'regular' work.
  • I like sharing what I've come up with.
  • I can't help it. It's in my genes. I blame my Dad.
So, why do you make stuff?

Enjoy your weekend!

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