skipped town for a bit

Sometimes the best plans are the ones that don't involve too much planning. Last night we got back from a quick two-day trip to Austin. I went with the kids to visit friends and we had an awesome time. Sadly, I don't have much photographic proof of the experience. One of the highlights of the trip was feeding (from afar) deer that come to our friend's backyard on a daily basis. Yes, I took photos, but none are blog worthy.

Yesterday afternoon, I got to play with paper and a Cricut at Rachel's (Average Jane Crafter) house. Our kids got along great and played together while we sat at the kitchen table to experiment. I'm so used to working alone, that being around another creative person, that likes to jump right in, was such a treat. She opened up my eyes to so many other possibilities and new ideas started brewing right away. If you're curious and because she wrote about it so much better than I ever could, visit Rachel's post, about our crafty time together.

Lesson learned? I need to dedicate more time to creative afternoons with friends. For sure.

For those of you that know anything about Texas geography, I offer you an opportunity to make fun of me. Our trip back home was an hour longer, because as we were leaving Austin, I obviously made a mistake. It pissed me off because I rarely if ever get lost and knowing that I have an iPhone with GPS doesn't help either. Actually pissed doesn't quite cover it. This was our route towards Houston: Austin -> after a moment of @$# realized I was headed to San Antonio (awesome!) -> New Braunfels -> Seguin -> finally Houston. Talk about running in a big circle.

Now, I'm just doing the fun after-trip laundry and catching up. But it's all worth a little time away from the routine.

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