recycling project no. 18 - packaging turned toys

Some big boxes and packaging materials, that I received in the mail last week, unexpectedly turned an afternoon into a very creative one. Once they knew it was ok, the kids snatched everything up in a heartbeat and got to work.

We certainly aren't the first to think of this type of recycling project, but if I don't post it there will be some hurt feelings around here. We worked on these on Friday and all I heard was, "Mom, show our projects on your blog!"

Little C and I worked on making a building. She used crayons to color the top of the garage and the back of the building. I cut the white cardboard 'floors'. She sat at the table playing for a long time after we were done. I love watching her use my old Fisher Price toys.

D took all his materials into his room and just went for it. He didn't even want to bother with scissors, as you can see. He wanted no help and led me to his room for the big unveiling when he was done. It's an obstacle course for cars.

He's so proud of what he made, on his bed, that he hasn't been sleeping in it (totally his idea) for three days straight. I must convince the artist to relocate the 'piece' soon—maybe today.

You can barely make it out in the tunnel, but as you can see Sharpie markers also work as objects that cars can run over.

Sometimes the best toys are the cheapest ones. Aren't they?

EDIT - Thank you to those of you that have posted comments. I've been reading them all to the kids. They are all smiles now. ;)

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