what I do at 2am

It was a very uneventful weekend. It doesn't help that I was working on Friday and Saturday night until 3am. I'm helping put together a book that will be, in the near future, reaching a Barnes & Noble near you. My part of the project isn't too terribly exciting. I'm just designing the simple inside text part of the book (black & white). However, it is exciting that this project is finally coming to life. I'll post a link to the book once it gets published.

As I was working on chapters and waiting for revisions (2am-ish) I felt I needed to do something other than surf the net or do any "thinking" work. I needed to relax and stay awake! So I started carving a new block using one of my most recent doodles as inspiration. These ovals have been popping up a lot in my sketch book since I worked on this.

The top right orange card is what I started with and the left yellow card is what I ended up with after I decided to keep carving. I used a 3 x 4 block but what I really wish I had was HUUUGE piece of linoleum that I could carve and print on fabric! Wouldn't that be fun?!

EDIT: I posted a new interview at Crafty Synergy - finally! :)


  1. That would be fun. And would look awesome too! I like what you've done here, esp in the yellow! And the one with the lines looks really cool :) :)

  2. Oh, I love these new prints...the design...the colors!!

  3. Thanks! :)
    These were definitely fun to do. I think that when I over analyze things they don't turn out as successfully as the projects that I take on more spontaneously.