polymer clay + linoleum block

I used a little break from playing with the kids to make something quickly. This left over polymer clay (from this little test) had been sitting as a little lump of nothing long enough. Today I had the block that I made this print with nearby so I created these two little buttons - if you can call them that. Before setting them I made a hole all the way through the circle and the rectangle cutouts in the other. The color of this clay is not my favorite but I'm trying to stay in a "use what you have" mode (easier said than done!). My plans for these involve my sewing machine and the linen in the background. Yes, I said the sewing machine - shudder!

For now I'm just waiting for book revisions. It's going to be another long night...


  1. I think i might know where you're headed with this and will stay tuned for more. BTW - I really enjoyed your interview with Lara Cameron. Thank you for that.
    Best, Molly