recycling project no. 3 - popsicle sticks

Well so much for me staying away for a week! I will have to say that I've been pretty good. All I've done is pop into a couple of forums and that's about it. It's amazing how hard it is to stay totally away.

This morning the kids and I tackled another recycling type project for our art wall. I call this a recycling project because someone could actually collect a bunch of popsicle sticks for this but we didn't. I've had a box of 1000 sitting around forever. I bought it years ago and we haven't put much of a dent into it. A little bit of paint, sticks, glue and 1/2 hr of time and this is what we came up with.

I'm trying to keep these projects simple enough so that we can do it in a short amount of time. I know if they're more involved the kids will get bored quickly and they'll want to move on to something else. We're not aiming for masterpieces. We're aiming to have fun together! :)

Little C's version - She had absolutely no interest in the project when she just saw the sticks. As soon as she saw me pull out some paints she jumped right in. She only needed a little help with the final gluing step. I placed each stick where she told me to put it.

My version - I cut the rounded tips off of my sticks. D told me I should have added more color so that my piece would look "as pretty" as theirs. lol.

D's version - He did this completely on his own and he says it's a satellite.

For any inquiring minds my new blog header is a photo that I took last week when we were out doing the tourist thing with our friends. We were on a restaurant balcony watching boats go by. Fun times.

Quitting my!

EDIT: Thank you to Natalie for featuring this project on the Craft blog, to Brian at Wired and to Jonathan at Apartment Therapy-LA!


  1. Great project!! Wonderful results. What a talent. The photo is awesome!

  2. You are the queen of recycling art projects! I see a book in your future. =)

  3. Really, you should write a book of recycle crafts that you can do with your kids. I think it's great that you do this with them--I wonder if my son is old enough?

  4. Thank you!

    Yes, a book is on my list of things to do sooner rather than later. Thank you for even bringing it up.

    Julieta - I wouldn't worry about your son being old enough or not. If he needs some extra help from you so be it. Just give it a shot. It's a lot of fun and you should see how proud my kids are of seeing their artwork being hung on the wall.

    I forgot to mention that when I hung all three frames and showed them we all stood around and clapped. He-he! :)

  5. You've given me an idea to use a bunch of old golf pencils, you know, the little ones like they have at ikea, with all the golf course logos on them, backed with old score cards and framed. These are among my Dad's teasures. Thanks so much. Molly

  6. what a fun project to do with the kids. They all came up great :)

  7. I love that project. I'll try with my girl also. Thank You!

  8. Molly - that sounds wonderful! I'd love to see that.

    I'd also love to see any other stick art that anyone else comes up with. Like I said, they won't be masterpieces but they certainly are fun and easy to do. :)