revisting a dusty friend

Remember I said that my summer schedule would be different? Well I didn't expect it to be this different! I went to bed last night (more like this morning) at 5am. I'm still working on the book project. The good news is that it's due to the printer on Monday so after this weekend I'm a free woman. Thank goodness my hubby took the last couple of days off from work or I would've been in a heap of trouble.

I'm not the type to write a "woe is me" type post so the above is only to emphasize my frustration (but extreme delight too!) upon receiving the books I ordered and not being able to enjoy them fully yet. Here they are:

As I mentioned in my previous post I will be tackling some sewing. I think these books will give me a good starting point. Leafing through them, I realized that I don’t think construction is my problem. I can figure out how to put something together. I just don't know the little tips and tricks that are part of sewing something.

I've only tackled 3 or 4 sewing projects since my husband bought me my sewing machine as a birthday present years ago. Shameful I know! Here, in all its glory, is my first project ever – a tote/diaper bag. Excuse the awful pictures - they're circa 2004. I used fabrics/materials that really aren't me - I have no idea why. I used the bag more out of pride than anything else. And what's up with using that fabric with backpack-type straps? Yikes! I do remember that I didn't use a template or anything of the sort. I sketched the idea out, figured out some appropriate measurements and just dove right in. I even learned about interfacing and I think I used a double application of it.

The bag is pretty banged up now and I haven't used in a while, so I can finally let it go. My plan is to replace it with something more ‘me’. I’m really looking forward to that. So much so that I’ve been designing one for several weeks in my sketch book and I keep changing it around. I just need to make one and get the ball rolling.

I've been staring at the Lara Cameron fabric sitting on my desk for too long now. I started making some coasters with it tonight (just before another 6hr work session started). I'll take a photo of them tomorrow - if it's a decent day. It's been raining for the last couple of days here. We had a dreary/gloomy albeit fun 4th of July celebration at the neighbor's house.

The use of the buttons from my previous post are on the back burner. I have a new idea - a different shape - an oval. Like the one I used in my last cards.

Ok...It’s 2am...the earliest I’ve been to bed in several days. I need to take advantage of this! Good night! :)


  1. Ooh, enjoy - I've only been sewing for just over a month, but that Lotta Jansdotter book is the one I bought with my machine and I just love it! I was able to dive right in and make myself an apron and a tote bag. Some of the other books I have bought since have made my head swim, but Simple Sewing made me feel like I could do it right from the start. It's very encouraging!

  2. Love the bag! I made a bag like this about 15 years ago and gave it to my mother. To this day, she still uses it, it is a good design.