good things

We had a wonderful weekend. It started off with the baseball game we went to on Friday night. There was only a little problem. It's difficult to enjoy a game when you need to entertain a 4yr old after she states, in the middle of only the 3rd inning, that she's ready to go home! Thank goodness for a little pad and pencil I found in my purse. She doodled (like mother like daughter!) and played waitress taking our orders for the rest of the game. Whew! Crisis averted.

Saturday we had two birthday parties to go to and I stuck to my guns about giving handmade gifts. My initial plan was to make everything way ahead of time and at a leisurely pace. That plan went up in smoke because of me being sick for most of last week, remember? So I got up early Saturday and worked at a crazy speed to get done in time. I was inspired by Sally (who isn't?) and her applique projects to make two totes and t-shirts with their initials on them (one girl and one boy). I forgot to take a shot of the t-shirts...

Stripes for a boy...

Something a little more feminine for the girl...

When I checked my mail box in the afternoon I was so pleasantly surprised to find two packages for little ol' me. One from Zoe and another from Heather.

I got this beautiful print from Zoe because I won her blog anniversary contest! I wanted to kill the people that stuffed the big envelope, that just happens to be labeled with a big PLEASE DO NOT BEND sign, folded in half into my box. Arggh! But thank goodness the print isn't damaged. Thank you so much Zoe!

Heather sent me the tea towels I'd been pining for at her shop, a pin and a magnet - as a thank you for interviewing her for Crafty Synergy. I love everything! Thank you so much Heather!

Even the packaging is special. It's banged up but that's what makes it unique. It has traveled from Carmen in Canada, to Tiel in Australia, to Heather in South Africa and now to me. I can't wait to send it to someone else with some lovely goodies inside.

Sunday we had my parents over for the afternoon and just caught up on things over lunch which was made almost entirely by my hubby. :)

Then today I find that I owe another thank you to Natalie from Craft. She has included me in her list of crafty blogs to check out in her post about her BlogHer experience. My blog list is so long that I fear to go down her list and find more great blogs to read!

Speaking of Natalie, while I do some things this morning I'll be listening to her and other crafty ladies in Jennifer's most recent Craft Sanity podcast that features a session of the BlogHer event. I may not have mentioned it before but Jennifer's podcast is wonderful!


  1. Love your gift bags. A great idea and recyclable.

  2. Hi Patricia

    it doesn't look too bent at all. Still can't believe that someone could bend something that has "DO NOT BEND" on it!!!

    Love the appliqued bags!

    Z x

  3. LOVE the totes...what a sweet gift!!