late night with paper

There are two things that I've done for a long time: go to bed late and play with paper. The first is just in my genes I supposed. My youngest brother is the same way. It's great to work in the silence of night time. The latter is something, that come to think of it is also something that I've been pre-wired for. I remember when I was little if I bought or was given a colorful pad of paper I would resist the urge to use a single sheet. It was too painful to use the paper on something trivial but it was also painful not to use it. Am I the only one that went through that?

So, last night, as everyone is sleeping I just got this urge to make something with paper. This time I was sitting at the kitchen table and decided to make a chair. No idea why. I made it just because... no real reason. It's about 1.5 in (approx 4cm) tall.

These are photos that I took this morning with better light (although it's gloomy yet again!)

These are the photos that I took last night at the kitchen table with the help of the overhead lamp. I like the shadows.

One last photo to show scale. I got my Craft magazine yesterday - fun reading for the weekend!

Like I said it's gloomy here (sorry Julieta!) soo... it looks like another rainy weekend. Fortunately we're going to see the Astros play tonight so we're going to have some indoor fun!

Have a great weekend everyone! :)


  1. Oh yes, I too was one to hem and haw about using my materials. I was (who am I kidding - am) a hoarder, and then would have doubts about the quality of my craftsmanship in comparison to the seeming importance of the material.

    That chair is wonderful! I too love the shadows. It's amazing that it's only 1.5" tall!

  2. What? How did you..? Huh? That chair is amazing! And it's only an inch and half tall? Will you be selling those in the shop? Perhaps made from those annoying coupon packs all of us gt in the mail? If so, please update the blog because I want one!

    And please, quit bragging about the weather! ;) Me? Walking in downtown taking baby N to the doctor's in 103 blazing sun.

  3. Thanks Sarah!

    and Julieta... I knew you'd appreciate the rain comment! ;)
    No, I don't think I'll be selling these in the shop. I wouldn't even know what to charge!! But I love your idea of trying one of these with junk mail.

  4. How about an entire still life inside a shadow box/box frame? Kitchen table, chairs, plates, etc. So pretty.

  5. Ohh Julieta! You and your ideas! You get my mind going, going and going. I'm still hanging on to your recycle project craft kit idea. I just haven't found a solution I like. Now this! :)

  6. Oh, that's good! How about something/someone to sit on the chair? =)

  7. Thanks! You inspire so many ideas I could never execute. I'm just happy one of us has the requisite skills! :)

  8. that little chair looks amazing! wow.
    might blog about it later on if that's OK with you.

    staying up late is in my genes too - unfortunately I have to get up at 6:30 for my day job.

    {...the best ideas always pop up at midnight}

    cheers from Amsterdam

  9. Beautiful work, so delicate.
    You might enjoy this post:

  10. Oh, Patricia, it's precious! You're so creative.

  11. Than is amazing. Before I read your post I thought it was a real chair. OOOO the new issue of craft is here? I guess I will be making a trip to the magazine stand!

  12. I totally understand the paper thing... I just found some paper in our last move that's 15 years old!!! You probably know this, but if you don't: in larger cities near printers, you can visit the paper supplier and get samples if you are a graphic designer. We would go and bring home two shopping bags full of paper samples (to use in our work, wink, wink!). That was in Columbus, Ohio and I have no idea where I live now if there is a resource like that besides the printer (ours doesn't give anything out unless you are definately having work done there.) When I was an art teacher we'd get samples donated from printers check for extras they might have or ends of rolls...all free!

  13. Just bumped into your blog. Love it! You are so creative with your work. Thanks for sharing.

  14. OMG! Your talents keep amazing me everytime I visit your blog. What? No directions on how to create our own chair.

    I am with you on the variety pack of colored construction paper. I didn't want to waste it either I had to come up with somehting really brilliant to use it on. As a kid pinwheels were my favorite projcts.