my turn

This is a little preview of this week's recycle project. ;)

Yesterday, I was tagged by Whitney and Jonathan at Brown Sugar Design to post eight random facts or habits about me, and then tag eight other bloggers. Here are mine:

1. I hated wearing dresses as a child. My mom would have to literally drag me into dressing rooms crying my eyes out to try on new dresses. I think the first time I bought a dress/skirt on my own was when I was about 20. Now I love wearing a lot of skirts. Making one of my own is on my new sewing adventures to-do list.

2. I used to be extremely organized and neat. After having kids that changed. It had to or I would've gone crazy. Don't take me wrong. Disorganization still drives me nuts. I've just learned that an impeccable home isn't something that's possible 24/7.

3. My favorite place to de-stress and get inspired is a bookstore. I LOVE an afternoon in a bookstore by myself!

4. My hubby proposed to me after only 3 months of dating (2 of which where long distance). It's a LONG story but we had actually met as teenagers and never dated back then.

5. Colombian connection: My husband and my parents are from my Colombia. I was born in New Jersey (haven't been back since I was 10 - so no Jersey accent here). I graduated from high school in Colombia so I don't have an accent when I speak English or Spanish.

6. Unless I'm really sick, I must doodle, craft, design, draw or make something with my hands every day or I get really cranky. Making/designing something is like my yoga of sorts.

7. I'm terrible at drinking anything. Water is the worst (except at a restaurant for some reason - but it does need to have extra lemon and no sugar). I need to work on that.

8. We try to only speak Spanish at home because we want the kids to be bilingual like us. That's definitely easier said than done.

I'm tagging:
Sally of Shim and Sons, Kathleen of Cake + Pie, Nicole of Freshly Blended, Jessica of How About Orange, Heather of Skinny laMinx, Lara of Kirin Notebook, Alison of Six and a Half Stitches, and Gennine of Blog de la Nine.


  1. fun snippets of you! but even more fun are that chair and tree - simply amazing!

  2. You are killing me over here. First the chair, now the tree. Love it!!

  3. Hi Patricia,

    Been following your blog for sometime now :) Finally, I am saying hello! That tree and chair are superb...

    All love...

  4. Hi Ptricia...

    I have been reading your blog since quite a long time now, and you are one of those who has inspired me to go back to crafting n making things by hand... That chair is very beautiful... and i love the things you make... pls keep this up as reading your blog keeps me so happy!

  5. Great stuff! I love the things you make...will definitely come back to your blog.

  6. Are the tree and chair for sale? Love them. Need them.

  7. Thanks everyone. Your comments all warm my heart! :)

    Phara - No, I'm not selling my chair and tree. They're little experiments..for fun. I just posted instructions on how to make your own trees today.

  8. The chair and tree - oh my!
    I loved reading your list :) I think I can relate to everything except the dating and columbian bits :)

  9. Hello. I've done my tag, like a good girl! Love the tree, by the way. And the little chair too. What is it about teeny-weeniness?