a surprise in the mail

I mentioned the HOW conference and the fact that I would be mentioned as part of a session there. Well, I got a pleasant surprise in the mail today from Sheree Clark (the speaker). She sent me a couple of copies of the brochure that was handed out at during her session. If you click on the photo you can see it a little larger and clearer. The entire thing folds out to the size of a poster and it's such lovely eye candy.

Recognize anyone? I'm so glad I took the time to actually take a decent photo of myself! On the cover it's little ol' me surrounded by such amazing designer gods. The more I look at the whole thing the more I think 'what the heck is my work doing there?'!! The work of everyone that was featured is amazing!

Thanks Sheree!


  1. wow! absolutely fantastic!!
    and you totally deserve to be there :)

  2. Patricia, you completely deserve to be recognized for your work!!!

  3. well you deserve it love. don't be suprised. your work is super!

  4. Congrats Pat! That is awesome. :)