taking a second look

Whew! What a week. Unfortunately, I don't have anything new worth showing even though I was super busy. I finished the custom design cards for my friend's baby shower with a couple of changes from the last time I showed them. I kept looking at my prototype and something kept bothering me. I finally figured out that the block print looked more like a cup of hot chocolate or coffee to me. I cut out the dark part of the stamp and finally bought that Martha Stewart printed paper I'd seen to use as a background.

Poking a lot of little holes and threading embroidery thread. Patience. Patience.

Putting the cards together.


Other than work we've been busy entertaining friends that are in town. The last time we saw them was on our wedding day (10 yrs in August!). We're doing all the typical "touristy" things that you do when out of town people visit - among them visiting the NASA- Space Center. Needless to say the kids are having a blast.

If you have time for some more reading, yesterday I finally managed to post another interview on Crafty Synergy.

One more thing, for some reason blogger is only sending me sporadic email alerts when I get comments on my blog so if I haven't replied to any question out there please rest assured that I'm not ignoring you. I just haven't seen your comment. I'm trying to keep track of how many comments each of the recent posts have (fun!) but I'm sure something will slip by.

Have a great weekend! :)


  1. The baby shower invites look GREAT! Your friend is going to love them!

  2. That Martha Stewart line has some really fun things, but I haven't bought any yet, as I don't have any projects and all of her stuff is way pricey.

    These invitations are gorgeous, though!

  3. The cards look amazing—really gorgeous. I love the colors you chose, and I think using the paper for the background was a great move. Nice that the little dress shows up on the back too. Really lovely!

  4. Such cute cards, Patricia!

    Here's a tip about teacups; the traditional British teacups made of china, that we associate with "afternoon tea," tend to have a slightly fluted and more delicate shape, which is subconsciously what we think of when we hear "teacup." Like this.

    I know why you thought your cup looked more like a cup of coffee or hot chocolate; it's all in the shape of the cup.

  5. I think the card turned out really great! I did block printing in college and really loved it, maybe I'll have to give it another try. I really enjoy reading your blog.

  6. Thanks everyone! :)

    Yes, Sarah I'm in the Houston area.

    And yes, Lisa, you're right. I thought about the shape of the tea cup wAAYYY after the fact. Everything was printed (and dry!) and I didn't have time to carve another stamp. I had to let that one go... oh well.

  7. the invitations are beautiful, your friend must be thrilled

    I have a baby shoe made of paper posted on my blog if you're interested