Finally something crafty!

Yesterday I learned how to quill. My sister-in-law makes adorable cards that are completely quilled (is that the right way to say that?!). She plans on starting a website to sell them really soon. After working on just the basics and making a few gifts tags, I now know that I would never want to work with this method for my cards. I may add a little something every now and then but no more than that. Quilling takes incredible patience and good manual dexterity. I know I have the latter but the former would be seriously lacking!

Remember when we went shopping for crafts the other day? This is a little something that I bought for our kitchen where we have most of our little Colombian treasures. It's very commmon here to find wall hangings of this type - balconies and/or traditional home fronts of all sorts and sizes. We already have three smaller ones at home so this will be a nice addition.

Oh! one more thing. Can someone please send me a nice little package of summer warmth? I'm soooo cold today. It was gray and cold all day long. The high was in the low 50s. I know that for some people this is spring weather but it's just too darn cold for chicken little me. I'm so jealous reading everyone's blogs where they mention going to the beach and dying of heat stroke. Apparently we're missing one of the toughest summers, eh? Well, just know that there's someone here that's actually yearning some of that! I'll probably change my mind the minute we get back and off our plane, right?


  1. those gift tags are lovely. quilling seems a bit too tedious for me so I always appreciate the work that's put into it.

  2. thanks deb! yes, quilling is more tedious than I already imagined it to be.

  3. I just wonder how you adhere those little designs. They look great btw.
    oh-p.s.- I googles handmade greeting cards and a little hut was on the second page! yay.